Semi automatic oak barrel cleaning machine

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    Overview of oak barrel cleaning system
    The barrel washing equipment system is used for the internal cleaning of oak barrels. The working mode of the oak barrel cleaning system is semi-automatic, which requires the operator to assist and monitor the whole cleaning process;
    Water supply capacity: 1 set of multi-stage centrifugal pump with rated working pressure of 10-20kg; well-known brand, filtration, anti pressure overload, corrosion resistance;
    Water pump protection —— anti rotation, anti pressure overload, anti overheating function;
    High pressure hose —— Sanitary composite hose with pressure of 50bar;
    Control cabinet —— including PLC / touch screen / switch / frequency converter and other electrical components, waterproof design, leakage protection, heat dissipation design, stainless steel material
    Turning frame mechanism —— the design of upper barrel and transposition pulley of turret mechanism, etc
    Cleaning mechanism —— turnover mechanism, positioning pulley, funnel drainage design, etc
    Three dimensional can washer —— 360 degree full coverage cleaning, high impact, 316L material

    Installation and use conditions of oak barrel washing equipment:
    Customers provide cleaning agent and power consumption requirements,
    Power supply: AC380V, 50Hz, 3L + N + PE,

    Application of barrel washing equipment in cleaning industry:
    It is suitable for the barrel, drum barrel and small barrel container of beer industry and grape wine industry.

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