KZ75 CIP rotary spray head

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    KZ75 CIP rotary spray head /jet tank cleaning heads

    Model KZ75 rotary spray head
    Material 316L ss
    Bearing Slide bearing
    Operating pressure 3-7 bar
    Max. pressure 20 bar
    Max. tank diameter 5m
    Diameter 80 mm
    Filtration line strainer with a mesh size of 80 or 100 mesh
    Application hign efficient cleaning of tanks, equipment, etc
    Installation Operation in every direction is possible

    tank jet spray nozzles Application

    The KZ series rotary jet tank cleaning head uses a cleaning fluid to drive the impeller to rotate for 360°. Due to the built-in deceleration structure, the rotation speed is constant and the impact force is high. Compared with the traditional rotary cleaning ball, the cleaning cycle is greatly shortened, thereby reducing the amount of cleaning liquid. KZ Rotary tank washing nozzle use plain bearings, making them suitable for all industrial cleaning applications, mainly for small to medium storage tanks, reactors, vessels, and other containers between 8 and 125 m3 depending on size and cleaning. task.


    Tank jet spray nozzles working principle

    The driving impeller is rotated by the cleaning liquid, and the rotation speed is constant.


    Performance feature

    The impeller drive rotates the nozzles of the KZ series, and the fan-shaped jet flows in a vortex flow pattern throughout the tank or reactor. This produces a jet that is effective to remove residual product that can be washed to all interior surfaces of the container.

    Built-in deceleration structure, impeller drive, stable operation, constant speed, 1-3 seconds for the ball to rotate one revolution

    Can work under 2-15bar pressure



    Compressed air can only be injected for a short period of time. Higher working pressures result in faster wear and smaller spray diameters, which may reduce the cleaning effect.



    Standard Version

    KZ30 / KZ75

    Standard Configuration, Suitable For Working Environment Below 90 °C

    High Temperature Version


    Use High Temperature Engineering Materials For 90 ° C ~ 250 ° C Working Environment

    Explosion-Proof Version

    KZ30-F /KZ75-F

    Use Anti-Static Materials To Avoid Static Sparks, Suited For Oils And Flammable Environments

    Oil Resistant Version

    KZ30-OT /KZ75-OT

    Special Engineering Materials, Strong Oil Resistance, Can Be Used For Oil Tank Cleaning


    Product photo:

    CIP rotary spray head


    Performance Data:


    Dimensions of KZ75 360 degree spray cleaning nozzle:



    Cleaning effect:




    tank jet spray nozzles1-11.jpg1-13.jpg

    High impact rotary spray heads
    Controlled deceleration mechanism 360 degree reaction vessel cleaning high impact turbine controlled tank cleaning rotary nozzle
    360 degree without dead angle small and medium-sized tank cleaning turbine structure KZ75 high impact rotary cleaning ball

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