360 rotating nozzle,360 spray nozzles

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    360 rotating nozzle,360 spray nozzles





    Spray Angle:

    360°, 180° On Request

    Max. Cleaning Diameter:

    1-1.5 M

    Max. Operating Temperature:


    Operating Pressure:

    1-2 Bar


    1/2" BSPP


    Operation In Any Direction Is Possible


    For The Rinsing And Cleaning Of Kegs, Cans, Autoclaves, Barrels, Machines 
    E.G. In Food Industry, Beverage Industry,Or Chemical Industry


    Design feature:

    1. Inexpensive rotating spray nozzle

    2. Good corrosion resistance

    3. 360° and partial coverage

    4. Slide bearing

    5. Very compact design, self rotating

    6. Driven and lubricated by the cleaning fluid

    Product photo:

    Performance data:


    Rotating 360 spray nozzles from KLY in robust construction for the effective internal cleaning of plant protection containers, canisters, containers, and plant protection products. This self-rotating container cleaning head »MicroWhirly« with plain bearings is

    SL20 is self rotating container cleaning head,SL20 Small rotary nozzles are fully cleaned and sprayed with cleaning fluid. This series of rotary nozzles are all made of PVDF and have good corrosion resistance.

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