Retractable CIP rotary spray nozzle

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    STP-150 retractable CIP rotary spray nozzle


    Dynamic Retractor CIP systems clean even the remotest corners. Where to attach the spray head? This question arises with nearly every CIP installation. In most cases, spray shadows caused by baffles, such as agitators, manholes, inspection glasses and a host of other muffs complicate the setup of an efficient CIP cleaning. The solution for this is a retractable cleaning systems.


    An elegant solution is a so-called retractor using flood cleaners. A pneumatic drive extends the flood cleaner to its place of operation. This in itself is nothing new: technical variations have been known on the market for many years. The KLY retractable tank cleaning nozzle combines this fundamental idea with the modern demands on a CIP cleaning system. Depending on the cleaning head model and the working pressure, flow rates between 1 and 10 m³/h are currently possible. A detergent pressure between 1 and 8 bars can be selected.


    Another important component of the retractable tank cleaning nozzle is the hydraulic pipe. Employing the new pipe standard DIN 11866 permitted a considerable reduction of the installation size and thus of the cavity into which the spray head is retracted.


    Some important features at a glance:

    • low wear PEEK body
    • slide bearing
    • easy to maintain
    • drainable
    • designed for the food Industrie

    spray nozzle Application:

    STP-150 series retractable rotary nozzle are well suited to pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical and other industries. Particularly suitable for pipes and corner,such as spray dryer. 

    • Spray dryer
    • Fluid bed dryers
    • Granulator
    • Pipe


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    spray nozzle Application:


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