Cleaning of all tank reactor in large pharmaceutical companies

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Because the cleaning strength of rotary cleaning head on the market is very weak, it can not meet the cleaning requirements at all. All the tank reaction tanks of a domestic super-large pharmaceutical company use the high impact automatic tank cleaning nozzle of Keli Ying Company, which has high cleaning efficiency.

Reactor cleaning nozzle is mainly used in large tank cleaning and large impact cleaning occasions. Because the market of rotary cleaning head cleaning force is very weak, can not meet the cleaning requirements. The rotating cleaning ball with Keli Ying turbine structure is a new type of rotating nozzle with controlled rotating structure. It has large impact force. Even if the pressure increases, the water jet will not atomize, and the cleaning efficiency is high. Compared with the traditional rotary cleaning head, it can greatly shorten the cleaning cycle, thereby reducing the loss of cleaning fluid, reducing energy consumption and shortening the cleaning time.
The unique design of chemical reaction tank cleaning equipment makes it suitable for all industrial cleaning applications, including tank chemical tank cleaning, reactor cleaning, container cleaning, and other containers with capacity between 200 and 3400 cubic meters.

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