DG15 3D rotary tank cleaning nozzle

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    KELIYING is the recognized name in providing the highest quality Tank cleaning nozzles,Customized Tank Cleaning and tank washing equipment products and systems Manufacturer. 
    We offer a total solution by providing onsite surveys, analysis, design, and engineering support for tank cleaning projects. 
    KELIYING tank cleaning devices and accessories are specially designed to work together to deliver optimal cleaning that is essential for compliance with industry and government regulations. Our “jet impingent technology” improves plant productivity by increasing each tank‘s production availability saving on operating costs related to water, energy, and chemical consumption. We are the greener .
    KELIYING  Maximize productivity with the proven and effective ,TANK CLEANING SOLUTIONS for Industrial Applications. 
    KELIYING broad range of  tank cleaning machines, reaction drives, static spray balls, spray nozzles,rotary spray nozzles, and 3d high impact tank cleaning nozzles give us the opportunity to provide the right solution to your most challenging tank cleaning issues. 
    When attempting to clean a tank with one device, the size tank and size of the entry for the device become of key importance. 
    Below, please select your largest tank dimension (either diameter or height) to begin the process of selecting your perfect KELIYING Product. 
    It is one of tank cleaning nozzles and equipment for specific information. For more information on tank cleaning equipment for purchase, please contanct us today

    High impact 3D rotary tank cleaning nozzle

    tank cleaning nozzle Model number: DG15 3D rotary tank cleaning nozzle

    Working Principle:

     Impeller is driven by cleaning fluid and drives internal reduction mechanism. Gear mechanism operates according to set track to realize the revolution and the rotation, thereby achieving 360° thorough cleaning.


    Features & Benefits:


     ● Optimized structural design results in a water jet that produces greater impact

     ● Excellent sealing design, less than 3% leakage, thus saves cleaning fluid

     ● Independent gearbox design protects gear from damage and can work in poor water quality

     ● Overall optimized design,able to insert in small openings of 98MM
     ● Adopt high hardness and wear resistant materials, long service life


    Technical Data:


    Performance curve:





    Cleaning Effection ( Before & After ):





    KLY DG15 tank cleaning nozzle is suitable for 3D cleaning of medium to large sized tanks,vessel or machines. It is commonly used in beer, petroleum, beverage,fuel ethanol, chemical, industrial fermentation,marine and where a high cleaning performance is required.

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