360 rotary drum washing nozzles, 3d rotary tank cleaning nozzle

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    High impact 3D rotary tank washer

    Model number: DG2 drum washing nozzles





    Working Principle:

    Impeller is driven by cleaning fluid and drives internal reduction mechanism. Gear mechanism operates according to set track to realize the revolution and the rotation, thereby achieving 360° thorough cleaning.


    Features & Benefits:


     ● Optimized structural design results in a water jet that produces greater impact

     ● Excellent sealing design, less than 3% leakage, thus saves cleaning fluid

     ● Independent gearbox design protects gear from damage and can work in poor water quality

     ● Overall optimized design,able to insert in small openings of 45MM


    Technical Data:


    Performance curve:






    Simulation of cleaning process:




    KLY DG2 rotary tank washer is suitable for three-dimensional cleaning of small containers, such as oak barrels, beer barrels, 200L iron barrels, etc.
    It is commonly used in petroleum, beverage,fuel ethanol, chemical,industrial fermentation,marine and where a high cleaning performance is required.



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