KLY automatic drum scrubbing machine

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    KLY automatic drum scrubbing machine 



    KLY drum scrubbing machines are designed to wash plastic or steel open top containers. These are loaded by hand into the machine, the interlocked door closed and secured and the machine starts to wash and scrub the containers. After completion of the washing operation, the door can be opened and containers are removed. Different brush rotation speeds can provide a vigorous scrubbing action and the wash medium is sprayed inside and outside of containers whilst scrubbing. The external frames are made of stainless steel sheet to give a sturdy structure to brace the containers.


    Special brush:


    The brush is made of new nylon rod and nylon wool, which is corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, and durable. The brush head is designed and made by the professional designer according to the barrel shape, and the cleaning effect of the bottom of the barrel.


    Application of drum scrubbing machine:

    The product is suitable for cleaning and descaling residues of plastic and stainless steel open top barrels.

    Drum scrubbing machine are widely used in chemical, coating, food and beverage, new materials, personal care, environmental protection and other industries.

    Product photo of drum cleaing machine:

    drum cleaning machine.jpg



    timg (10).jpg


    Cleaning effect:

    200L drum cleaning.jpg


    Other drum washer:

    Main products: drum washer, barrel washer, drum scrubbing machine, ibc tote washer, tank cleaning machine & nozzles.

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