200L 55 gallon barrel and drum washer

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    200L 55 gallon barrel and drum washer


    Design features :
    This complete 200L barrel washer utilizes our rotary impingement technology, designed to blast residue from the barrel & drum. The automatic cleaning machine is able to clean residues inside of the containers in a precise and global indexing pattern.
    We 100% guarantee that cleaning technology ensures the entire barrel is thoroughly cleaned in the most efficient manner, utilizing the least amount of resources including time, energy, and cleaning fluid.
    Fast: Clean any barrel in 2-4 minutes
    Clean the entire drum, including the top and corners
    Powerful: Clean a variety of residues
    Automatic: automatic exterior and interior cleaning of barrel

    It is designed to remove a variety of product residues from drum and barrel with the capability to remove thick or dried-on residues. Unlike similar systems, the recirculation wash allows easy removal of oily residues using caustic chemicals. This system is designed to clean 55 gallon drum.
    Drum washer has a variety of uses; it can be used to clean barrel and drum prior to shipment, to remove hazardous waste materials, and/or to prepare drum  for sale.
    Cleaning process
    Upper bucket, exterior wash, interior wash (chemical cleaning),interior wash, draining, pressure testing, finish cleaning, lower bucket . Other process can be customized, such as drying,etc.
    5-200 bar, depend on working condition
    Cleaning medium
    Water, or solvent
    Design feature:
    Automatic interior and exterior cleaning of drum and barrel
    Low labor tensity
    Fully Modular Design
    Repeatable Cleaning Quality
    High Throughput Rates
    Automatic Leak Detection
    Any and all including:
    Paints, adhesives, chemicals
    Petroleum products
    Food and beverages products and ingredients
    Pharmaceutical products and ingredients
    Personal care products and ingredients products
    And more.
    Common application:
    In all industries:

    It is the ideal cleaning equipment for barrel washing.
    In the process of cleaning, the 3D rotating high-pressure tank washer not only meets the requirements of thorough cleaning, but also reduces the consumption of resources. 
    Safety, eco-friendly and helps for the sustainable development.

    Product photo:

    Drum cleaning nozzle:

    Application of barrel washer:

    Cleaning effect of drum washer:


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