Micro whirly rotary tank washing nozzle

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    KX series micro whirly rotary tank washing nozzle

    Model NO.: KX series

    Working Principle:

     Using the force and reaction force of cleaning liquid to generate self-rotation, 

     Through scientific nozzle design on the ball head, fan-shaped liquid surface is sprayed to the surface of tank to achieve the purpose of cleaning.


    Features & Benefits:

      Slide bearing is adopted, which can be installed in any direction;

     Self-cleaning and self-lubricating design meets sanitary requirements

     ● The metal powder is avoided from direct friction with the metal during the rotation

     ● There is no need for people to enter the restricted space, which greatly reduces labor intensity, improves the working environment, and avoids safety hazards. 

     ● Compact design and  cost-effective; long service life and durable


    Technical Data:


    Performance Curve:





    KX series rotary spray nozzle use cleaning fluid for full cleaning and spraying. It adopts PEEK sliding bearings, which have the characteristics of low friction and long service life.
    They are mainly used for cleaning and rinsing of  small to medium-sized storage tanks, reactors, containers, etc. 

    Common application:

    •  Soup kettles

    • Yeast propagation tanks

    •  Batch processing vessels

    •  Fluid bed dryers

    •  Ink and paint mixing vats

    •  Brew kettles

    • Storage tanks

    • Spray dryers

    • Commercial ovens

    e.g: in food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry


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