D Series self rotating rotary spray balls

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    D series cip rotary spray balls
    Model Number: D38



    Working Principle:

     ● Using the force and reaction force of cleaning liquid to generate self-rotation, through scientific nozzle design on the ball head fan-shaped liquid surface is sprayed to the surface of tank to achieve the purpose of cleaning.


    Features & Benefits:


    ● Double bearing design 

    Self-cleaning and self-lubricating design, in line with sanitary requirements;

    ● Unique opening design can achieve 360 ° coverage cleaning,

    ● Especially the spray lance and the top of tank can also be thoroughly cleaned.

    ● Operation in every direction is possible


    Technical Data:








    Cleaning Effection ( Before & After ):





    D series rotary spray balls are driven by cleaning fluid. D series rotary spray ball consumes less liquid under low pressure, has good cleaning effect and high efficiency, so it is an effective substitute for traditional fixed cleaning balls.It adopts double ball bearings, which have the characteristics of low friction and long service life. They are mainly used for cleaning and rinsing of small to medium-sized storage tanks, reactors, containers, etc.




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