HP500 ultra-high pressure 3D tank cleaning heads

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    HP500 ultra-high pressure 3D tank cleaning heads

    This HP500 is designed to remove the toughest residues from large tanks in numerous industries and can be customized in a wide variety of ways.

    Working Principle:
      • The washer drives the transmission mechanism to rotate through the reaction force, regulates the rotation speed through the reducer,
        and realizes the revolution and rotation through the transmission mechanism according to the set trajectory,
        thus forming a 360-degree injection mode to achieve complete tank coverage.

    Features & Benefits:

      • ● The dynamic balance design is adopted to keep the rotation smooth and swing under high pressure.

        ● Long service life. Stepless speed regulation, stepless control of cleaning cycle.

        ● Unique nozzle structure design enables the high-pressure water jet with greater impact force.

        ● Powerful high pressure water jet can efficiently clean the stubborn dirt.

        ● No need to enter the restricted space, greatly reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment.

        ● Avoid safety hazards.

    Technical Data:




    HP500 3D high pressure tank cleaning machine


    Cleaning Effection ( Before & After ):



      • This ultra high pressure 3D tank cleanign heads can effectively clean boiler sediment, coke, polymer, PVC resin or residual scale that hard to
        remove. It is suitable for cleaning vessels, reactors, autoclaves and tanks, in chemical industry,petrochemical industry,synthetic fiber
        industry, paper-making and food industry,coating industry and other occasions requiring ultra high pressure cleaning.

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