Air pneumatic retractable rotary cleaner

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    Air pneumatic retractable rotary cleaner
    Model no.: STP-150 retractable cip spray nozzle

    Working Principle:
    When a certain air pressure is reached, the retractable rotating cleaning nozzle is automatically extended from the enclosure.
    When a certain liquid pressure is reached, nozzle will start to rotate for cleaning. 
    After cleaning, disconnect liquid pressure and turn off air pressure, the rotating cleaning nozzle is automatically retracted into enclosure.
    These free-spinning rotating nozzles can be installed flush in the tank wall. 


    Features & Benefits:
    There is a sealed design inside, prevent foreign matter from entering the washer when stop working.


    ●No cleaning fluid residue.


    Technical Data:








    KLY STP-150 series retractable rotary cleaner is suitable for  pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical and other industries. It is especially suitable for the occasions where the nozzles cannot  be placed in the cleaning object,as well as the cleaning of corners and pipes. Typical applications: CIP cleaning of pipes of drying and powder conveying equipment, cyclones,fluidized bed, granulator and other equipments.


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