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The high pressure water jet of rotary cleaning nozzles mainly uses pure water as working medium. Because the high pressure water jet has the function of wedge splitting, scouring, shearing, grinding and so on, the scales can be broken off and washed away immediately, thus realizing the separation of scale layer and pipe wall. So it is several to several dozen times faster than traditional chemical cleaning, sandblasting cleaning, simple mechanical and manual cleaning methods. The following is mainly about the characteristics of high pressure water jet technology.
In material processing technology, water jet has very unique technological characteristics.
auto tank cleaning nozzles
1. High-pressure water jet is also called "universal cutting". It can selectively process various materials by adjusting the flow rate and pressure.
2. Water jet is a kind of cold cutting method in the processing technology. It can not produce thermal change when cutting materials, and has no influence on the physical and chemical properties of materials.
3. Water jet is a kind of environment-friendly processing technology, which will not produce dust, smoke or harmful gases in the process of operation.
4. After the material is processed, the edge of the incision can be kept smooth and smooth, and there is no need for two processing.
5. High-pressure water jet can operate under water, vacuum, inflammable and explosive and other special occasions. It is easy to operate and can process materials at any time and anywhere.
After decades of development, high-pressure water jet technology has become a new type of high-energy beam processing technology, with its high efficiency, energy-saving, safe, convenient and other advantages, widely used in various fields of national life and production.
Bucket tank cleaning can be divided into five types:
316 Stainless steel fixed spray ball
Stainless steel stationary sprinkler ball is the simplest one of the tank cleaning nozzles. It is often used in various small industrial tanks where flushing is easy. Several small sprinkler holes on the stainless steel sprinkler ball can spray water or detergent in a water column way, completely covering the inner wall of the tank. In addition, it can provide a variety of non-fluids according to actual needs. The same spray angle.
Single axis rotary spray balls (hydraulic self rotating / fan-shaped spray)
Single-axis rotary sprinkler, can produce a number of wide-angle fan-shaped spray, and use the reaction force of liquid self-rotation, rotating speed depends on the size of the operating pressure, but the operating pressure can not be too large, to avoid rotating too fast leading to poor fan-shaped spray forming and cleaning, single-axis rotary sprinkler, a wide range of It can be used in various small and medium-sized tank cleaning operations, and can also provide a variety of different spray cleaning angles according to actual needs.
Single axis rotary spray ball (hydraulic self rotating / high pressure water column)
This type of single-axis rotating nozzle provides strong water column cleaning at low rotating speeds. An upward spray nozzle is specially designed above the spray ball to clean the top of the tank and the feed pipe. This position is the most easily overlooked or difficult position according to our experience over the years. In addition, the cleaning force The advantages of this kind of rotary sprinkler are stronger (greater impact force of liquid), shorter cleaning time, and lower water consumption. The general speed range is 5-12R.P.M. The speed depends on the operating pressure. The design of low speed can effectively improve the cleanliness of cleaning. In addition, it can also provide a variety of different spraying angles according to actual needs, and is widely used in various large and medium-sized tank cleaning operations.
Two axis rotary 3D tank cleaning nozzles (hydraulic self rotating / high impact force)
Two-axis three-dimensional rotating nozzles is one of the most precise designs and the best cleaning effect in today's rotating sprinkler. High-pressure water column with high impact can be produced by water jet technology. The hydraulic rotating mechanical structure can make the two-axis of the sprinkler produce regular and slow rotation at the same time. Special gear ratio can make the high pressure. The position of the water column is different each time. Ensure that the high-pressure water column can be cleaned to any position of the inner wall of the tank within the set cleaning time (as shown below), achieving a perfect cleaning effect.
Dual axis motor driven automatic three dimensional rotary tank cleaner (motor driven tank cleaner)
Two-axis automatic rotating three-dimensional cleaning nozzles is one of the most precise and effective rotary sprinkler nozzles. It can produce high-pressure water column with high impact force. This type of sprinkler separates the liquid supply system from the rotating drive system independently. The rotation of the sprinkler is the responsibility of the pneumatic motor or the electric motor, and the liquid is the liquid. Another advantage is that the rotating speed of the nozzle does not change with the change of the spray pressure, so that no matter how much pressure is required, it can be adjusted arbitrarily.
A large tank with a diameter of 24.4 meters (80 feet) can be cleaned by using an external air motor, an electric motor, or an explosion-proof motor to drive the hub of a nozzle equipped with a jet of 2 to 4 high-impact liquid columns to rotate.
The rotating mechanism driven by the motor makes the two axes of the sprinkler rotate regularly and slowly at the same time. The special gear ratio makes the position of the high-pressure water column different every time. It ensures that the high-pressure water column can be cleaned to any position of the inner wall of the bucket in the set cleaning time (as shown below). Fruit.

The advantages of high pressure water jet three dimensional rotary nozzles are as follows:

1. Good cleaning quality: high-pressure water jet cleaning tank, cleaning pipes and heat exchanger holes, can remove all the dirt and clogging in the pipe clean, visible metal body. High-pressure water jets with enormous energy and supersonic motion can completely destroy hard scales and clogs, but have no damage to metals. At the same time, because the pressure of high-pressure water is less than the compressive strength of metal or reinforced concrete, it has no damage to the pipeline. Achieve high quality cleaning.
2. Low cost of cleaning: First of all, the medium of high pressure water jet is tap water, which is easy to source and ubiquitous. In the process of cleaning, because of the powerful energy, no filler or detergent is needed to clean, so the cost is very low. Secondly, water-saving and energy-saving, this cleaning method is different from fire water, belongs to fine jet injection, the diameter of the nozzle used is only 0.5-2.5 mm, so water consumption is only 3-5 cubic meters per hour, the power used is 37-90 kilowatts, so it is a water-saving and energy-saving equipment.

3. Fast cleaning speed: due to the combined crushing effect of water jet (water bomb) such as scouring, cleavage, shearing, grinding, scaling can be broken off immediately. Compared with the traditional chemical method, sand blasting and shot blasting method, the efficiency is greatly improved, and the cleaning speed of simple mechanical and manual method is several times to tens of times faster.
4. No environmental pollution: water jet cleaning does not produce a lot of dust like sandblasting and simple mechanical cleaning, polluting the air environment and harming human health. Unlike chemical cleaning, a large amount of acid and alkali waste liquid is produced to pollute the river, soil and water quality. Water jet is the working medium of tap water, odorless, odorless, non-toxic, spraying jet atomization, can reduce the concentration of air dust in the working area, can reduce the atmospheric dust from other methods of 80 mg / cubic meter to the national safety standards of 2 mg / cubic meter below, eradicate the source of silicosis, eliminate acid and alkali waste liquid flow Poison is an important measure of environmental protection in China.
5, metal corrosion is small: because of purely physical methods, it has no corrosive effect on metals.
6. Wide range of applications: any part of the water jet that can be directly penetrated into, whether it is the pipe and container cavity, or the surface of the equipment, whether it is a hard fouling, or a solid plug, can be immediately separated from the parent body, thoroughly cleaned, this method of cleaning equipment material, characteristics, shape and fouling species are not unique. The only requirement is direct fire, so its application is very extensive.

Guangzhou Cleaning-spray Equipment Co., Ltd, 3d rotary nozzles brings value
With advanced rotary cleaning technology, strong product support and more than ten years of rich experience, we are committed to providing our customers with tank cleaning solutions. Customers of Keliying can washer will benefit from the following:
Saving human resources
100% satisfactory cleaning effect
Safer working environment.
Reduce cleaning time 80%
Reduce consumption of energy, water and chemicals.
Improve the quality of products and production processes and increase production capacity.
Reduce personnel access to confined space
The cleaning nozzle for rotary tank can be applied to:
Parts Cleaning: No other supplier can match our conventional nozzles, fast nozzle connections, fast connection nozzle systems and Tank Mixer injectors. Rinsing with high impact cleaning, you will find a wide range of products, offering everything from gentler.
Conveying cleanliness: it is widely applied to include full flat spray hollow cone nozzle standard nozzle. Thousands of scale, standard, wide and narrow angle spray, plugging resistant design, extensive materials, and more choices.
Oil tank cleaning: rinse, clean and disinfect tanks up to 100 feet (30 meters), diameter spray products. From dozens of powerful oil tank cleaning machines, water tank cleaners, water tank cleaning nozzles and spray balls.
High Pressure Cleaning: From Special Wear Resistant Material to 4000psi (275 bar) Operational Routine and Fast Connection Version, See Our Full Line Nozzles
General factory cleaning: you will find in our ideal handheld spray gun series. It includes high, medium, low voltage versions and dozens of extension options - all designed, comfortable, and safe to operate.


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