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In recent years, the high-pressure water jet cleaning technology for tank cleaning has developed rapidly, and has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial sectors. It can be used to clean containers, such as autoclaves, reactors, cooling towers, tanks, tank cars, etc. It can also be used to clean all kinds of equipment, pipes, gas pipelines and heat exchangers. It can also be used to clean the Marine Society monsters and scale, iron scale, various coatings, concrete, resin layer, pigment, rubber, stone attached to the ship. Paste, plastic and so on, its cleaning effect is quite good. High pressure water jet does not affect the environment, high efficiency, and easy to meet the cleaning requirements.

Introduction and advantages of high pressure water jet cleaning technology

First. Cleaning the nozzle high pressure water jet characteristics:
1. The so-called high-pressure water jet cleaning is to pressurize ordinary water through high-pressure pumps to hundreds or even thousands of atmospheric pressure, and then through a special nozzle (aperture 1-2 mm), with a very high speed (300-600 m/s) ejected highly concentrated energy of water.
2. Mechanical water jet of storage tank, this stream of small water, like a small bullet, has a great ability to strike, depending on the impact of the jet can remove dirt and blockage in the pipeline. The basic principle of oil and wax removal by high-pressure water jet is to use high-pressure plunger pump and special nozzle to produce high-pressure and high-speed water jet. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, high cleanliness, no pressure vessel, good cold cleaning safety, no use of chemical agents, reuse of cleaning water (no pollution and saving water resources), high degree of automation and low operation cost, etc. High pressure water jet cleaning method has been widely used in the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and other developed countries. It has occupied 80%-85% of the absolute advantage in industrial and large-scale civil cleaning, cleaning has been commercialized, using mechanical drilling, steam cleaning, chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, water jet cleaning and so on. Several forms, but so far, water jet has occupied the dominant position of industrial cleaning by coincidence, in many cleaning methods, can be said to be an outstanding one.
Secondly, the advantages of high pressure water jet tank cleaning are as follows:
1. Low cost of cleaning: First of all, the medium of high pressure water jet is tap water, which is easy to source and ubiquitous. In the process of cleaning, because of the powerful energy, no filler or detergent is needed to clean, so the cost is very low. Secondly, water-saving and energy-saving, this cleaning method is different from fire water, belongs to fine jet injection, the diameter of the nozzle used is only 0.5-2.5 mm, so water consumption is only 3-5 cubic meters per hour, the power used is 37-90 kilowatts, so it is a water-saving and energy-saving equipment.
2. Good cleaning quality: high-pressure water jet cleaning tank, cleaning pipes and heat exchanger holes, can remove all the dirt and clogging in the pipe clean, visible metal body. High-pressure water jets with enormous energy and supersonic motion can completely destroy hard scales and clogs, but have no damage to metals. At the same time, because the pressure of high-pressure water is less than the compressive strength of metal or reinforced concrete, it has no damage to the pipeline. Achieve high quality cleaning.
3. Fast cleaning speed: due to the combined crushing effect of water jet (water bomb) such as scouring, cleavage, shearing, grinding, scaling can be broken off immediately. It is several to several dozen times faster than traditional chemical methods, sandblasting and shot blasting, simple mechanical and manual methods.
4. No environmental pollution: water jet cleaning does not produce a lot of dust like sandblasting and simple mechanical cleaning, polluting the air environment and harming human health. Unlike chemical cleaning, a large amount of acid and alkali waste liquid is produced to pollute the river, soil and water quality. Water jet is the working medium of tap water, odorless, odorless, non-toxic, spraying jet atomization, can reduce the concentration of air dust in the working area, can reduce the atmospheric dust from other methods of 80 mg / cubic meter to the national safety standards of 2 mg / cubic meter below, eradicate the source of silicosis, eliminate acid and alkali waste liquid flow Poison is an important measure of environmental protection in China.
5, metal corrosion is small: because of purely physical methods, it has no corrosive effect on metals.
6. Wide range of applications: any part of the water jet that can be directly penetrated into, whether it is the pipe and container cavity, or the surface of the equipment, whether it is a hard fouling, or a solid plug, can be immediately separated from the parent body, thoroughly cleaned, this method of cleaning equipment material, characteristics, shape and fouling species are not unique. The only requirement is direct fire, so its application is very extensive. .
High-pressure water jet cleaning technology for tank cleaning has attracted more and more attention because of its unique advantages of non-polluting the environment, non-corrosive equipment and energy saving.

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