Enterprise qualification required for tank washing machine

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Enterprise qualification required for tank cleaning machine. Qualify construction of tank cleaning machine. A tank cleaner is a container for storing crude oil or other petroleum products. Used in refineries, oil fields, oil depots, and other industries. The tank cleaning machine area consists of multiple tank washers. Each tank cleaning machine area typically stores an oil. Generally speaking, the tank cleaning machine should be cleaned under the following conditions: before the new tank cleaning machine is loaded with oil; when different types of oil materials are replaced, the original oil storage materials have an influence on the newly-changed oil materials; When the machine is used for open flame welding or paint removal; it should be cleaned when the oil is used for a long time and the tank is dirty. Due to the different purposes of washing the tank each time, the specific requirements for washing the tank are also different. If the oil is changed, it needs to be cleaned.

 When welding the tank cleaning machine, the removal of oil vapor is very strict, so it needs to be treated differently.After the sewage tank is used for a period of time, a lot of oily sludge will be deposited at the bottom, which will make the treatment capacity of the sewage tank smaller, and will also block the nozzle near the bottom, which makes operation difficult. In addition, the sewage of the refinery contains oil. After a period of time, the tank wall will also collect a layer of dirty oil. The concentration of the oil will increase, and the nozzle will be blocked, or the liquid level gauge can not monitor the liquid level. If there is too much oil, it will fall off and float in the tank, and it will flow to the downstream equipment with the sewage, causing various failures and dangers. There have been heavy rains in the weather, sewage tanks are full, sewage is coming out, and large pieces of floating oil spill out of the sewage tank. As the rain drifts away from the factory, large areas pollute the city and the sea, causing great economic losses and serious Environmental pollution. Therefore, the sewage tank must be cleaned regularly.


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