Tank cleaning process

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Tank cleaning machine cleaning is an advanced automated, fully enclosed, physical cleaning technology that uses a jet cleaning machine to spray cleaning media to a surface to be cleaned at a certain temperature, pressure and flow rate to remove condensation from the surface being cleaned. And a process for recovering sludge and recovering effective substances, which has the advantages of high safety, good economic benefit (more than 95% of hydrocarbons in sediment can be recovered), good cleaning effect, high efficiency, and environmental protection. It is suitable for cleaning various types of above-ground storage tanks for crude oil, refined oil (gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene, lubricating oil, etc.) and chemical liquefaction products. The storage tank capacity ranges from 100 cubic meters to 200,000 cubic meters. Residual oil transfer: Transfer the residual oil from the cleaning tank cleaning machine to other tanks designated by the owner.

Inert gas injection: Injecting inert gas into the tank during the cleaning process. The main components are nitrogen and carbon dioxide to ensure safe and reliable construction. Same kind of oil cleaning: The same medium as the oil stored in the tank is sprayed by the washing machine, and the deposit in the tank is stirred, crushed, dissolved, and the active ingredients are recovered. Warm water cleaning: It is cleaned by warm water circulation. The automatic oil-water separation equipment separates the oil-water mixture. The separated water is recycled and the separated oil is transferred to the tank designated by the owner. Clearing the slag in the tank: Into the tank to clean the inorganic materials such as sediment and rust remaining in the tank, and store them at the designated place according to the owner's request.

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