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In the process of long-term use of industrial equipment, glass-lined reactor will accumulate a large amount of dirt, which will affect the normal operation of glass-lined reactor, dirt also directly affect the production efficiency and service life of stainless steel reactor, increase energy consumption, reduce product quality. Therefore, periodic cleaning is necessary. In order to make the reactor work efficiently and prolong its life, the reactor should be cleaned frequently after it is used. The stainless steel reactor should be cleaned manually, chemically or mechanically. Guangzhou Keli Ying makes full use of years of high-pressure water research and development experience, design and manufacture of automatic enamel reactor cleaning equipment, to achieve automated, all-round cleaning.

一. Introduction of the reaction tank cleaning system:

Glass-lined reactor is a kind of excellent corrosion-resistant equipment. Glass-lined equipment is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, wine-making, printing and dyeing industries for its superior performance and price. In the long-term use of glass-lined reactor will accumulate a large amount of dirt, which will affect the normal operation of glass-lined reactor, increase energy consumption, thereby reducing product quality. For this reason, periodic cleaning is necessary. Guangzhou Keliying makes full use of years of research and development experience of water jet, designs and manufactures automatic enamel reaction kettle cleaning equipment, to achieve all-round, automatic cleaning. According to the analysis and cleaning requirements of the fouling, the automatic reactor cleaning equipment can choose the appropriate pressure level, which will not cause physical damage, can resist high temperature, and can keep the surface of the reactor smooth, so that the fouling is not easy to adhere to the reactor.
The cleaning equipment of Guangzhou Cleaning-spray Equipment Co., Ltd enamel reaction kettle includes electric control part, high-pressure pump part and high-pressure water cleaning part. High-pressure water cleaning consists of automatic cleaning device and manual cleaning device. It uses the kinetic energy principle of high pressure water jet technology to break the hard dirt on the inner wall of the reactor and the surface of the agitator, so as to thoroughly peel off and remove it.
Effect of nozzle cleaning in reactor

二、the reactor cleaning high pressure cleaning process:

The concrete cleaning process of automatic enamel reaction kettle cleaning equipment is that the three-dimensional rotating sprinkler telescopic mechanism is installed on the reactor inlet hole, the telescopic rod extends into the reactor, the telescopic mechanism can be controlled by electric, hydraulic, manual and so on, so that the telescopic rod in the reactor extends and moves along the direction around the reactor inner wall, and the telescopic rod moves in the reactor. The obstacles in the reactor can be avoided.
The three-dimensional rotary nozzle can washer has two nozzles, and the high-pressure water jet is ejected from the two rotating nozzles. When the cleaning nozzle rotates horizontally, the rotating moment formed by the two water jets drives the two nozzles to rotate in the vertical plane. Due to the combined motion of the three-dimensional rotating nozzle and the telescopic rod, the high-pressure water jet can cover any position in the reactor, and finally complete the cleaning of the reactor.
The high-pressure water jet can cover any position in the reactor and finally complete the cleaning of the reactor.

三. The advantages of the reactor water jet equipment cleaning are:

1. Choosing the appropriate pressure level, the high pressure water jet cleaning will not damage the substrate of the cleaning equipment, and the cleaning speed is several times or even tens of times faster than the traditional method.
2. It can be cleaned in the harsh environment, and the personnel do not need to enter the reactor, thus avoiding the harm and insecurity caused by the chemical substances in the tank to the human body and thoroughly eliminating the hidden danger of safety.
3. High-pressure water jet cleaning is the use of ordinary water in high-speed washing, so it does not pollute the environment, do not corrode equipment, will not cause any mechanical damage, but also remove the use of chemical cleaning insoluble or soluble special scale;
4. No need for workers to enter the stainless steel reactor tank cleaning, saving manpower and material resources, easy to achieve mechanization, automation, high efficiency, cleaning speed than traditional methods several times or even dozens of times faster.

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