Oak barrel cleaning machine,drum washing nozzles

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    Oak barrel cleaning machine,drum washing nozzles



    Wine Barrel Cleaner


    316L SS

    Max. Spray Diameter


    Operating Pressure


    Max. Pressure

    120 Bar

    Tempreture Range


    Flow Rate



    Taper Sleeve

    Influent Interface

    M22*1.5 Or 3/8" Male Thread

    Drainage Interface

    Quick Connection


    Cleaning Fluid


    Cleaning And Rinsing Of Barrel,Keg,Drum

    Wine barrel cleaner

    The barrel cleaner is driven by external motor and external gear.

    The barrel cleaner work with a 3D rotary spray head, which guarantees an effective and gentle cleaning of the entire inner surface of the wine barrel with the 360-degree spray patterns.

    The slowly rotary spray head with special fan jet nozzles dissolves the tartar without damaging the wood structure.The barrel cleaners can be operated with any standard high pressure cleaner or a stationary high-pressure pump.

    Handheld unit, which cleans the inside of the barrel and siphons off the dirty water at the same time. The built-in high-pressure injector system creates a very strong vacuum, which sucks the barrel empty during and after the cleaning process.


    Design feature:

    Integrated suction system for dirty water

    Thoroughly 360° interior cleaning

    No need to turn and drain the barrel

    All parts with wash water contact made of stainless steel

    Low consumption of cleaning fluid with high cleaning performance



    Product Photos:


    Cleaning cycle:


    Application of barrel cleaner:





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