Rotating tank cleaning spray nozzle

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    KC5 high impact rotating tank cleaning nozzle,chemical tank cleaning equipment


    Technical data of KC5 high impact rotating tank cleaning nozzle:

    Manufacturing materials: 316L SS Lubrication: Self lubrication by cleaning fluid
    Working pressure: 3-10 bar   Recommended pressure:  4-7 bar 
    Maximum operating temperature:   95°C Maximum ambient temperature: 140℃
    Cleaning angle: 360° full coverage Cleaning diameter:  5m
    Cleaning cycle
    4-8 minute Water inlet: 3/4“FR BSSP female,1”BSPP female
    Tank opening:  100mm Technical highlights: Design of independent reducer
    Customizable: Explosion proof, high temperature, oil resistant Weight:  


    Tank cleaning nozzles design feature:

    Driven by cleaning fluid, where the ball of the unit rotates at a slow speed, ensuring effective impingement of the cleaning solution on the interior walls. KC5 tank cleaning nozzle offer improved cleaning over traditional rotary spray nozzle

    High impact flat jet, 360 degree spray, thoroughly clean

    Internal gear reduction make it work more stable


    KLY rotary tank cleaning nozzles are well suited for small to medium sized tanks, such as dairy , food, pharmaceutical, beer, chemical, industrial fermentation industry and the need for high impact cleaning occasions.


     Chemical tank cleaning equipment product photos:



    Performance data:

    KC5 high impact rotating tank cleaning nozzle


    Dimensions of KC5 spray tank cleaning nozzles:


     KC5 high impact rotating tank cleaning nozzle





    KC5 high impact rotating tank cleaning nozzleKC5 high impact rotating tank cleaning nozzles

     KC5 high impact rotating tank cleaning nozzle


    Cleaning effect:

    KC5 high impact rotating tank cleaning nozzle

    KC5 high impact rotating tank cleaning nozzle

    Fittings and Workshop

    Chian GuangZhou Keliying tank cleaning machines manufacturer's processing, manufacturing capacity, enterprise scale and supply guarantee capacity


    Keliying has more than 30 CNC processing equipment and processing centers, as well as milling machines, drilling machines and other supporting equipment. Our company has dozens of fixed cooperative equipment manufacturers and thousands of customers, providing products with high quality and quantity throughout the year.


    360 spray tank nozzle manufacturer 

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