Pop up whirly telescopic spray nozzles

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    Pop up whirly telescopic spray nozzles
    Model Retractable CIP spray nozzles
    Material 304ss, 316ss
    Stroke length 30mm, 50mm, or 100mm
    Connection 1 1/2" clamp (50.5mm)
    Application Cleaning of tanks or pipe, i.e. spray dryer, fluid bed dryer, etc
    Pressure 2-4 bar
    Spray angle: 320° 
    Filtration Line strainer with a mesh size of mesh

    When a certain fluid pressure is reached, the pop up type rotating cleaning nozzle is automatically extended from the enclosure. These free-spinning rotating nozzles can be installed flush in the tank wall. They are also suitable for cleaning pipes and for applications that use foam. They are of particular interest for applications in the food and beverage industry as well as for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

    Some important features at a glance:
    -Low wear PEEK body
    -slide bearing
    -easy to maintain
    -designed for the food Industrie

    Retractable spray nozzle common application:
    Spray dryer
    Fluid bed dryers

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    Performance Data:







    Telescopic rotary cleaning ball application:
    Pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical and other industries, specifically for granulators, drying towers, fluidized beds, pipeline cleaning, especially suitable for occasions where cleaning rods and cleaning heads cannot be placed in cleaning materials, cleaning corners, pipes, etc.



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    Pop up whirly retractable spray nozzle,telescopic rotating cleaning ball Installation :
    telescopic rotating cleaning ball Installation diagram
    Tank cleaning reactor cleaning nozzle

    Granulator cleaning Fluidized bed Reactor Drying tower telescopic cleaning rotary nozzle Telescopic rotary cleaning ball

    Telescopic cleaning ball Drying tower telescopic cleaning ball Telescopic canister Pipeline telescopic cleaning Telescopic cleaning ball


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