Cautions for cleaning of reaction kettle, chemical tank clean

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Chemical tank cleaning, reactor materials are generally stainless steel, carbon manganese steel, zirconium, nickel-based alloy and other composite materials.
A lot of dirt accumulated during the long-term use of the reactor has always been the biggest problem. These dirt will affect the normal operation of the reactor, not only increase energy consumption, reduce product quality. It is easy to accumulate residual reactants in the inner wall of a long-term reactor and deposit them gradually in the reactor, which not only affects the capacity of the reaction, but also the composition of the residues may have an impact on the reaction, which may have a negative impact on the quality of the product, and even lead to the explosive polymerization, endangering the safety of personnel and equipment.
Therefore, besides the strict inspection and routine maintenance of the reaction kettle, the reactor should be cleaned regularly.
chemical tank,reactor cleaning

The importance of chemical reactor cleaning
1, product quality
Equipment is a material mixing equipment, material is the key to product production, only the quality of materials up to standard, to ensure the quality of product production. If the equipment is used for a long time, if it is not cleaned, the quality of the mixture will not be guaranteed.
2, device performance
Long term use of equipment, in addition to the impact of residual materials, and dust also affect the operation of the equipment. In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, users must carry out regular cleaning.


Cautions for cleaning of reaction kettle:
Matters needing attention in cleaning chemical tank and reactor cleaning:
1. The difference of the variety, type and quantity of the reactor storage needs to formulate a specific and feasible cleaning scheme to deal with various situations. Comply with these safety requirements to prevent poisoning and explosion accidents. The unknown gas is discharged in advance and stored gas safely. Hazardous liquids emptied, but also should be repeatedly diluted with clean water waste, used to dilute the waste water after centralized treatment, and then use inert gas to clean the interior. During the cleaning operation, if the environment changes abnormally, the operation must be stopped immediately.
Cleaning in kettle
2. When using chemical reaction kettle, regular cleaning is very important, not only to ensure its efficiency, but also to make it use longer. It is very important for laboratories and production enterprises to establish a good cleaning and maintenance system of reaction kettle, which is of great significance both in terms of enterprise efficiency and safety.
In chemical cleaning, cleaning solvents can not only be effective for dirt, but also corrode the reactor and other related accessories, so it is necessary to do a good job in cleaning agent selection and equipment and personnel protection.
3. The sediment produced in the production process of the second-hand reactor should be cleaned up in time. The articles stored in the reactor should be cleaned according to the regulations. The gas concentration in the reactor should be measured in time when the reactor is cleaned, and the corresponding safety and individual protection measures should be taken. Safety personnel should analyze the danger when entering the equipment operation before operation, check the tank cleaning equipment, site, fire fighting equipment, and the implementation of preventive measures.
4. After the operation, the person in charge and the guardian of tank cleaning should do a good job of site safety inspection, checking personnel and tools, timely recovery of fire fighting equipment, timely dismantlement of temporary electricity and so on.
5. Safety issues are also particularly important, must not be careless, before cleaning the tank must be pipelines and electrical connections to take isolation measures to prevent leakage accidents, endangering life safety. Management needs to send such commissioners to supervise and manage the clean-up.
6. When cleaning poison cans, the operators should have the knowledge to operate the corresponding poisons, and the operators should wear gloves and gas protection equipment.
7. The flammable gas detection is carried out according to the operation rules. When the explosive gas concentration exceeds the lower limit of the explosive concentration, the operator is prohibited from entering the tank. In the process of tank cleaning, if the operation conditions change abnormally, the operation must be stopped immediately.

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