Advantages of mobile reactor high pressure cleaning equipment

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Because of various complex structures such as agitator shaft inside the reactor, it has always been a difficult point in the industry to realize no dead angle cleaning. Due to the following disadvantages of manual cleaning of chemical reaction kettle, the cleaning effect can not meet the requirements
① Manual cleaning is required to be carried out by hand, which has the characteristics of high labor intensity, long cleaning time and bad working environment;
② Due to various production processes, there may be toxic or harmful gases in the reactor, which will cause great damage to human body, and even have a certain impact on human body when cleaning with cleaning solution;
③ The inside of the reactor may be flammable and explosive working environment, so manual cleaning is dangerous;
④ Because the cleaning method is artificial, the cleaning effect may be greatly affected by human factors;
⑤ There are reports of casualties in manual cleaning every year, which have great impact on the enterprise society and great hidden dangers;
⑥ Because the reactor generally has stirring shaft, stirring blade, coil, stiffener and other heterogeneous parts, manual cleaning is also difficult;
⑦ Because some materials are easy to dry and form a film when cleaning inside the reactor, it is not easy to clean, so the cleaning time is particularly important after the materials in the reactor are emptied.

Advantages of keliying mobile reactor high pressure cleaning equipment:

1. Ordinary water is used as the cleaning medium for the internal cleaning of chemical reaction kettle, which saves the steps and time of chemical composition inspection, improves the work efficiency, and can also remove the insoluble or soluble special scale;
2. According to the scale and cleaning demand, the pressure level can be adjusted independently. The high-pressure water jet will not cause any mechanical damage, and will not damage the substrate of the cleaned equipment;
3. It can be cleaned in the bad environment, and the personnel do not need to enter the reactor, so as to avoid the harm and insecurity of chemicals in the reactor to human body, and treat the potential safety hazard;
4. The cleaning speed is several times or even dozens of times faster than traditional methods;
5. The cleaning rate can be more than 90%, saving energy and low cost. It can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the enterprise in the production process; at the same time, the cleanness of the reactor can ensure the singleness of the reaction, reduce the occurrence of impurity reaction, and greatly reduce the probability of safety accidents; in addition, the clean working environment of the reactor can greatly reduce the load of the heat exchange equipment and prolong the service life.

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