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The company offers faster, more efficient and cheaper IBC tote cleaning equipment that can clean any IBC tonnage barrel/tank in just 2-4 minutes

The cleaning of tote or IBC tanks most widely used for storage and transportation has a direct impact on the overall productivity of an enterprise. To provide fast, efficient and effective cleaning, you will see significant improvements in cost and productivity.
Provide IBC tons of barrels cleaning method of chemical plant barrel IBC tote cleaning system according to the requirements

一. overview of IBC tote cleaning project:

This project will realize the automatic cleaning inside and outside the drum, and the drum to be cleaned will be placed on the beginning of the drum conveyor line for the forklift truck. The system will automatically detect the incoming material information, and enter the automatic cleaning stage. The discharging position is the end of the last drum line. The forklift truck is required to fork off, if not fork off, when the last drum line. After stacking a ton of barrels, the system will automatically alert and prompt until the IBC ton bucket fork is cleaned.


ibc tote cleaning equipment video
二、 Introduction of tote cleaning equipment

IBC cleaning tote equipment features:

1. high degree of automation in cleaning.
2. cleaning efficiency is high, cleaning a IBC can only take 2-4 minutes on average.
3. labor intensity is low, more intelligent;
1. Tonnage cleaning system configuration:

1、Tonnage cleaning system configuration:

PE tote cleaning component 1 set, including tank washer installation seat, fixed drum cover, lifting arm, automatic 360 degrees 1 set, 304 material, power drum rotating mechanism 1 set, power drum transmission line 5, pressurized main station 1 set, including high-pressure stainless steel pump, flow switch, ball valve filter, control cabinet 1 set, stainless steel box, built-in control Making electrical components, etc.

2、General size drawing of tote cleaning equipment.

3.ibc tote cleaning equipment schematic diagram:


4. automatic IBC barrel cleaning equipment operation instructions

Operators use electric forklift truck to deliver the PE drum to the cleaning roller, push the drum to a fixed position, open the bottom sewage outlet;
Make sure the tank has enough cleaning fluid to start the system. The drum line takes the drum into the cleaning room. The positioning side and the upper sprinklers start to spray water while the rotating mechanism starts to rotate. After 2 minutes or so, the drum is brought into the next drum line to start cleaning. After positioning OK, the lifting mechanism will seal. The lid and the tank can be lowered to the tonne bucket mouth, and the nozzle will start cleaning at 360 degrees.
After setting the cleaning time, the automatic door is opened automatically, and the tonnage barrel goes out of the cleaning room to the next drum line, and the positioning inclined roof mechanism is ejected, so that the tonnage barrel tilts to pour out the remaining water.
After that, the tonnage barrel enters the next conveyor line, closes the bottom sewage outlet, and the forklift forks the tonnage barrel to circulate.

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IBC tote cleaning system:
Simplified design and cost, combined with the most durable and effective technology, make it an ideal drum/IBC tank cleaning system for any industrial or health application.
IBC barrel cleaning system application:
Chemical barrel cleaning, enamel pots and other kettle, reactor cleaning, etc.
IBC barrel cleaning before and after contrast、Cleaning effect::

chemical industry cleaning totecleaning tote

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