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The fermentor tank cleaning system is mainly used for full coverage cleaning of medium cubic tanks, including fermentor, agitator, reactor, chemical tank and other three-dimensional tank systems;
The working mode is semi-automatic control, which requires the operator to monitor and control the whole cleaning process and auxiliary, no longer need to manually enter the tank for cleaning, so as to add a guarantee for the safety of workers, and reduce the amount of labor of workers; and improve the work efficiency, which can greatly shorten the cleaning time, so as to save more cleaning agent, and truly save time, labor and cost.

Illustration of automatic tank cleaning system of fermentation tank:

Each size is approximate size, and each support material is schematic size. In the later detailed design, the strength will be increased to ensure the stability of the equipment.

tank cleaning equipment installation and use conditions:

The customer provides water, electricity and gas, which are connected to the target cleaning tank, and the energy consumption is required,
Power supply: AC380V, 50Hz, 3L + N + PE, 8kw, with cable 4 * 6mm m2;
Room temperature solvent: Q ≥ 40-100l / min, Dn40 interface;

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