Semi automatic tote cleaning solution

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The volume of the IBC tote is between the barrel and the tank. At present, there are tens of thousands of IBC containers used in various industries all over the world, with different standard sizes and materials. Compared with single use, cleaning and reusing IBC can bring obvious benefits. The extensive application of IBC tote recycling and cleaning can not only improve the turnover efficiency, but also improve the cleaning efficiency and save the cost, reduce the labor intensity of manual cleaning. One time cleaning has no residue, fast and efficient, and will not cause damage to the ton barrel. Keliying IBC cleaning equipment is divided into automatic and semi-automatic two ways, which can be customized according to the engineering conditions.

Features of the semi-automatic tote cleaning machine:
1. The structure is exquisite, the automation degree is high, may replace the manual cleaning operation;
2. Save manpower and material resources, greatly improve production efficiency, greatly reduce labor intensity;
3. The cleaning efficiency is high, and it only takes 2-4 minutes to clean an IBC barrel on average;
4. It can improve the investment environment and solve the problem quickly;
5. Raw material chemical barrel cleaning equipment can be equipped with 5-500kg cleaning pressure to solve the cleaning problems under various working conditions;
6. The system uses a precise 360 ° three-dimensional cleaning head without dead angle, which has large impact force and low liquid consumption, and can really realize the problem of cleaning without dead angle;

IBC chemical tote cleaning machinery:
Simplified design and cost, combined with the most durable and effective technology, make it an ideal tonnagel / IBC tank cleaning system for any industrial or sanitary application. Our design team will provide you with an efficient and economical solution for cleaning ton barrels according to your cleaning application requirements. Please consult us for more information.

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