How to clean the oil drum?Coating automatic 200L drum inside outside cleaning equipmen

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How to clean 200L industrial oil drum? 200L oil drum full automatic barrel cleaning equipment inside and outside.
Recently, we have received a lot of customers'demand for cleaning oil drums. We need to buy Industrial tank cleaning equipment to clean the oil drums. Because of years of non-effective cleaning, the jam residue in the drums is very thick. If it can not be cleaned completely, the customers need to spend a lot of money to replace new equipment.
Hereby provide a set of fully automatic 200L barrel cleaning equipment inside and outside the coating.

Oil drum cleaning equipment features:

1. High degree of automation;
2. High cleaning efficiency, cleaning an average bucket for 2-5 minutes;
3. Low labor intensity and more intelligent;
Details: This tank cleaning equipment can achieve internal and external cleaning of 200L barrels. The water pressure driven three-dimensional rotary cleaning nozzle has a high impact force, and is particularly suitable for applications such as ink coatings which are difficult to clean. In addition, the barrel can be automatically turned over, the internal cleaning is more thorough and the drainage is more convenient; the automatic cutting device is additionally provided, which greatly saves labor intensity.
The water jet rotary cleaning nozzle can move up and down by itself, rotate left and right, and spray in the three-dimensional direction of the tank to ensure that each corner is sprayed.

一. Overview of the coating automatic and 200 liter barrel inside and outside cleaning project

The project will realize automatic cleaning inside and outside the drum. The forklift will put the tons of barrels to be cleaned at the beginning of the drum conveyor line. The system will automatically detect the incoming information and enter the automatic cleaning stage. The discharge position is the last. The end of a roller line (a total of 3 conveyor lines), forklift fork or other means, such as uncrossed, when the last roller line is full of drums (up to 3-4 drums) cleaning system will The automatic alarm is suspended until the cleaned tons of barrels are forked to continue operation.

二. 200L oil drum cleaning program introduction

1. Iron drum inside and outside cleaning system configuration

1 set of barrel cleaning system, including centrifugal multi-stage booster pump, filter, flow switch, etc.;
  Automatic 360 degree can washing machine 1 set, 316L material;
1 set of power chain plate conveying rotating mechanism;
Power roller conveyor line,
1 set of pressurized main station, including high-pressure stainless steel water pump, flow switch, ball valve filter, etc.;
1" Quickly install 2 sanitary hoses, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant;
1 set of control cabinet, stainless steel cabinet, built-in control electrical components are sealed from the cleaning system;
10 sets of IP67 sensor switch and 1 set of control valve;
1 set of turning mechanism;

2. The approximate size of the barrel cleaning equipment


3.1 Oil drum cleaning equipment schematic

3. 2. Schematic diagram of the operation process of the tank cleaner

4. Operation instructions for the drum cleaning system:

The operator sends the drum to the cleaning roller.
Start the system, the roller line (the guiding device on both sides) brings the drum into the cleaning room, the positioning sensor switch senses the drum, the automatic door closes, the turning mechanism extends the drum line direction by 180 degrees, and the soft pressing mechanism is pressed down. The washer rises, the cleaning system starts the water pump, and the cleaning starts. At the same time, the rotating mechanism and the external cleaning head start cleaning. After about 3 minutes, the cleaning is completed, the turning mechanism is turned over again by 180 degrees, the automatic door is opened, and the drum is brought into the next by the roller line. Roller line
The cleaning time can be set according to the cleaning effect. When the induction switch of the discharge conveying line senses that the drum is fully loaded, the system will automatically alarm and pause, thereby circulating;
Cleaning equipment installation conditions
The customer provides water, electricity and gas connection points. Our company is responsible for guiding the cleaning station to the main station.
Industrial oil storage tanks need to be cleaned regularly. If they are not cleaned in time, deposits may accumulate, which may result in reduced efficiency and shortened service life. Guangzhou Keliying Spray Equipment Co., Ltd. Before we manufacture equipment for our customers, our engineers and technicians will understand and inspect the actual situation of the customers and conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to determine the most suitable barrel cleaning for the customer. Solutions and storage tank cleaning equipment.

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