High pressure oil tank car cleaning equipment

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The central storage tank adopts the automatic rotary tank cleaning produced by Keli Ying, which is efficient, economical and cost-effective. The backward cleaning technology of manual storage tank for crude oil tank cleaning results in the danger of secondary fire or explosion after cleaning, which can not meet the needs of the market. The backward cleaning technology leads to a longer cleaning period. We all know that the working environment of manual cleaning tank is bad and the labor intensity is very high, especially the dome roof tank, for collection. Oil and scrubbing work need high-altitude work, also need to set up scaffolding, often occur accident injuries falling at high altitude. The method of mechanical tank cleaning greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves the working environment, protects the health of workers, and creates recognized social benefits.
DG15 specially designed three-dimensional rotary high pressure tank cleaning machines for buried tanks in gas stations. It has excellent sealing design. The leakage of water is only about 0.5%. The sealing material of the cleaning equipment (tank washer) for buried tanks in DG15 gas stations is imported from Germany. The wear resistance and impact force is greater. The three-dimensional blind spot-free full coverage cleaning consumes 6-8 cubic meters of water per hour. It can be made of 316 stainless steel with a hole of only 100mm. The sealing materials and engineering plastics are imported from Germany. The impact is enormous. The cleaning salute is 15m. It only needs to open the flange of the oil pump to install and enter the cleaning. It can completely replace the imported products.
3D high pressure tan  cleaning machines characteristics of unattended tank:
1. The three-dimensional rotary impact cleaning process realizes real 360 degree three-dimensional rotary cleaning without blind spots.
2. Hydraulic drive gear rotates and rotates completely, and the cleaning trajectory is uniform and regular.
3. No one enters the tank to clean, so that workers are far away from harmful chemicals and safer.
4. Low pressure cleaning, no need to replace the pump and pipeline;
5. Automatic cleaning, shorten cleaning time and production cycle;

High-pressure oil tank cleaning nozzles, customers who need high temperature occasions, please contact us. Keli Ying DG15 independent reducer drives three-dimensional high-pressure rotary tank cleaning nozzles can be made in high-temperature version.
food tanker truck cleaning
This type of oil tank car cleaning equipment, underground tank cleaning equipment, high-quality sealing design using independent gear box design, so as to protect the internal gear is not easily damaged, applied to the three-dimensional cleaning of large and medium tanks, diesel tank car cleaning and underground tank cleaning.

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