Water tank cleaning utilization

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The manual tank cleaning machine cleaning method is edited by the traditional artificial tank cleaning machine. Although the construction cost is low, the sludge at the bottom of the tank, which accounts for 3%-4% of the capacity of the tank cleaning machine, is difficult to handle. Residual oil sales. However, although the COW process method has a high construction cost, the oil in the sludge at the bottom of the tank can be substantially recovered and sold at a normal oil price. Take the 100,000-square tank cleaning machine as an example: manual cleaning requires about 1600 tons of crude oil, and the average price per ton is calculated at 500 yuan. The actual loss is 800,000 yuan, such as adding unmanageable sludge and waste. The actual losses will increase. In addition, the COW process can reduce the deactivation period of the tank cleaning machine and improve the utilization rate of the tank cleaning machine, which is conducive to increasing production and increasing efficiency. Petroleum storage tank COW crude oil cleaning process is a process method that uses a jet cleaning machine to spray the cleaning medium to a surface to be cleaned at a certain temperature, pressure and flow rate, remove surface condensate and sludge, and process and recover the same. The cleaning medium is crude oil or the same medium. According to the construction requirements and site conditions, hot water and diesel oil are also used as cleaning media after the crude oil is cleaned. The crude oil contains light components, ie solvent components, which accelerates the disintegration of the condensate and sludge in the sediment oil. The subsequent sludge is mixed with the cleaning oil, dissolved, diffused, and finally recovered by suction.

The crude oil cleaning process relies onrelatively pure crude oil, usually with a storage tank cleaning machine adjacent to the tank being cleaned, which is also commonly used as a crude oil recovery tank. The crude oil cleaning equipment and the cleaning tank and the recovery tank are connected by a process line to form a cleaning system.The subjective factors that cause this risk are the laxity of the construction workers, paralysis, and inadequate on-site management, illegal operations, etc.

The objective factors are the toxic, harmful, volatile, and easily diffusible characteristics of the oil.In generalthe smaller the molecular weight of the organic substance, the lower the boiling point and the more volatile it is. In refining and marketing companies, the material stored in the tank cleaning machine is usually c. The above alkanes, olefins, naphthenes, hydrocarbons, etc., such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other finished products and various intermediate components, in addition to some special media, such as methanol, acid, alkali and the like.

The commonality of these media is toxic, harmful, volatile, and easy to spread. During the operation of the tank cleaning machine tank cleaning machine, the oil and gas concentration on the site usually exceeds several times or even several times, especially when the cleaning, the light transmission hole, the manhole, etc. are opened, the excessive oil and gas can cause On-site operation and guardian poisoning, suffocation, etc., among which, light oil causes more risk of poisoning and suffocation.

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