Tank cleaning machine technology

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The technology of the high pressure cleaner tank cleaning machine The underground and ground storage tank cleaning machine facilities are usually installed in the petrochemical industry at various distribution points of petrochemical products for storing crude oil, gasoline, diesel and other products. The oil of underground and ground storage tank cleaning machines often carries fine rust, impurities, moisture and oil bacteria. On the one hand, there are a lot of impurities such as mud, paraffin, bacteria and other impurities in the crude oil. These fine rust, Impurities accumulate on the bottom and inner wall of the storage tank cleaning machine, which can not be cleaned, which will cause blockage, corrosion and leakage

 of the tank cleaning machine; especially the storage tank cleaning machine for storing diesel oil, the oil bacteria in the water environment Growing and growing sludge, the sludge can easily enter the engine oil filling system of the customer's vehicle through the oil transportation system, blocking the oil filling system; on the other hand, if these impurities and bacteria are not completely removed for a long time and the growth of oil bacteria is prevented, it will directly Affect the quality of the oil. 

Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of the underground and ground storage tank cleaning machine directly affects the operational safety and oil quality of petrochemical enterprises.There are various methods for oil tank cleaning machines such as manual cleaning, dry cleaning, steam washing and chemical cleaning. The high-pressure water jet cleaning technology is a common method for cleaning the tank cleaning machine. Generally, the underground and ground storage tank cleaning machine facilities need to be cleaned every few years to ensure the quality of the oil.

For a long time, because cleaning work is a very difficult problem, it has been regarded as a highly dangerous engineering operation by domestic and foreign industries. In the past, during the construction of this project, due to the defects of professional supporting equipment and the lack of professional quality of construction workers' health, safety and environmental protection, coupled with the long-term domestic professional team, the construction company has not had a set of scientific, safe and standardized oil. Tank cleaning machine cleaning work procedures, so it is often easy to cause casualties and major damage to property during construction work.

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