Oil tank maintenance

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Water pollution to oil. Most of the water in the oil is mixedduringtransportation, loading and unloading, and storage. The long-term storage of the oil will also precipitate the water dissolved in the oil. In the long-term accumulation, an acidic layer will appear at the bottom of the tank cleaning machine. The moisture mixed into the oil can corrode the machine parts; the presence of moisture will decompose and precipitate some additives such as detergent dispersants, antioxidants, antiknock agents, etc., and cause the oxidation of the oil to accelerate when there is moisture.

 The amount of gum produced is also increased. In addition, the acidic water layer deposited at the bottom of the tank accelerates the corrosion of the tank cleaning machine, causing the tank wall to thin or even leak. 2.3 Oil mixed to oil The oil of different nature can not be mixed, otherwise the quality of the oil will be degraded, which will seriously deteriorate the oil. Bite is a kind of additive containing various special effects in various high-grade oils. When oils with different system additives are added, it will affect its performance and even deteriorate the precipitation of additives. When oil drums, tank cars, oil tanks, oil tankers, etc.

 are modified from non-same oils, the containers should be thoroughly cleaned, brushed and dried to achieve no impurities, moisture, grease and fibers. 2.4 Regular inspection of the bottom condition of the oil storage tank and cleaning The longer the time to ensure safe oil storage, the more sediment generated by oxidation, the more serious the impact on the quality of the oil. At the same time, once the metal of the oil tank is corroded and perforated, a large amount of oil will leak, causing economic waste and environmental damage, and even causing a fire. Therefore, the bottom of the tank must be inspected once a year to determine if it needs to be cleaned.

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