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Characteristics of high pressure water jet cleaning technology and its application in industryHigh-pressure water jet cleaning has a wide range of applications and can basically meet the cleaning requirements under various conditions. Such as cleaning various condensers, heat exchangers, industrial heat exchanger pipelines; cleaning various chemical storage tanks, other materials storage high-pressure water jet cleaning tank cleaning machine safety technology tank; cleaning small and medium-sized material conveying pipeline; cleaning aged The paint scale is environmentally-friendly and efficient, and the high-pressure hot water removes the paint on the external wall more efficiently; cleans the microorganisms and grease stains and rust on the surface of the ship and the vehicle; cleans the oil on the surface of the building, and removes heavy grease, colloid and dry Solid asphalt, etc.; cleaning the cement on the building formwork, high-pressure water blasting can penetrate the concrete to see the steel bar for easy welding; the construction industry concrete "snap"; metallurgical industry to remove the oxide layer, found sand, cleaning and cooling of the production line; Sand blasting, rust removal, cutting of various materials, coking in the production process, raw material slabs, etc. 2 tank cleaning machine is regularly cleaned

The cleanliness of petroleum storage tanks affects the quality of the oil, and the health of the storage tanks threatens the safety of the surrounding environment and the tank cleaning machine area. Keep the tank cleaning machine clean, scientifically control the tank wall corrosion of oil tank cleaning machine can not be ignored for oil companies 2.1 Keep the inside of the tank cleaning machine clean, reduce oil pollution Various metals and rust can induce oil oxidation and deterioration. The anti-rust layer on the inner wall of the tank cleaning machine can better avoid the catalytic effect of the metal on the oxidation of the oil. There are a lot of minerals, slime, paraffin, bacteria and other impurities in the crude oil.

 These fine rust and impurities adhere to the bottom and inner wall of the storage tank cleaning machine and cannot be cleaned, which will cause blockage and corrosion of the tank cleaning machine. The slag of the bottom of the leaking oil storage tank is mainly rust. When the tank cleaning machine unloads oil, the sediment at the bottom of the tank will be lifted up, and the powdery rust will dissolve into the oil. If the car is added to such oil The damage to the vehicle itself is great. The sediment at the bottom of the diesel tank has accumulated for ten years, and the paste-like sludge at the bottom of the tank will reach about 1 cm. Regular cleaning of the storage tank and the application of anti-corrosion coating on the inner wall are effective measures to solve the metal oxidation corrosion and slow down the deterioration of the oil.

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