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CS-FT series automatic storage and tank cleaning system

Automatic tank cleaning system can bring many benefits: improve productivity, reduce maintenance time and labor costs, reduce the consumption of chemicals and water, improve cleaning effect and site conditions.
In today's era, high-pressure water jet cleaning equipment with good cleaning quality, pollution-free characteristics, has been widely used in the oil tank cleaning industry, can quickly and thoroughly remove the inside and outside wall scaling, metal oxides and other attachments. Industrial tanks need to be cleaned regularly. If the deposits are not cleaned in time, the efficiency will be reduced and the service life will be shortened. Regular cleaning and inspection of oil tanks can not only ensure that the oil products are not polluted, but also timely grasp the status of oil tanks to avoid potential safety hazards.

Telescopic tank cleaning system video
KLY professional cleaning tank machinery
The design features of the tank automatic cleaning system: the system is small and flexible, easy to operate, a person can achieve multi-machine operation, do not need to enter the tank, can achieve 360 degrees inside the tank without dead angle cleaning, automatic cleaning, the tank basically no water splashed outside the tank, also do not need to make any changes to the tank.
 cleaning tank machinery

The working principle of oil tank cleaning machinery:

The clean equipment system adopts the mobile car as the carrier, the control system and the power system are integrated, the cleaning mouth position is good, enter the automatic cleaning program, the servo drive wheel and the lifting system, the telescopic system, the warping arm system synchronization, the tank washer driven hose automatic expansion, positioning, can stop at any position in the tank and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Washing time can also be set arbitrarily on the touch screen, after complete cleaning, each system will automatically return to its original position, to be moved to clean the next tank.
The automatic tank cleaning equipment is sprayed in the three-dimensional direction, and each time it is cleaned, it runs exactly the same trajectory at exactly the same speed. Wear parts have no effect on this process, making it possible to work 100% effectively, in the reactor, large and medium tanks, beer fermentation tanks, chemical tanks can work continuously for many years without maintenance.
Three dimensional spherical cleaning process
  Three dimensional spherical cleaning process
Scope of application: The automatic tank cleaning system of Keliying Company is mainly used for all-round cleaning of cubic tank, including medium-sized, large-scale fermentation tank cleaning, stirring tank cleaning and reactor cleaning and other three-dimensional tank automatic cleaning system.


Technical parameters of CS-FT series automatic oil tank cleaning equipment
1. the system can be used for internal full cleaning of diameters and 2-15 meters of tanks.
2. rated flow 10-12m /hr, rated lift 100 m (pressure 10-15 kg);
3. cleaning cycle is short, according to the cleaning condition can be set freely (5-20 minutes).
4. the height of the washer can be set freely.
5. By cleaning the different points on both sides of the stirring shaft, the dead angle can be avoided, and additional parts such as rails can be added in the reactor to save cost and avoid additional dead point.
6. Adopting a high impact three-dimensional rotary tank washer, which has large impact force and long range, and is driven by water pressure, it realizes no dead angle cleaning of 360 degree rotation and revolution.
7. Rotary tank washer uses the most advanced planetary gear reducer, dynamic balance, cleaning process will not appear shake and swing, to avoid impact on internal equipment and damage to the tank washer;
8. The automatic cleaning system developed by our company specially for difficult-to-clean tanks such as fermenters has high automation, no dead angle, low water consumption, short cleaning cycle and obvious economic and social benefits.
Schematic diagram of tank cleaning process flow
1. start preparation

2. rotation 90 degree counterpoint
2. rotation 90 degree counterpoint cleaning tank
3. three dimensional rotary sprinkler head enters the tank.
3. three dimensional rotary sprinkler head enters the tank.
4. pressure inlet
4. pressure inlet

5. the telescopic device is lifted.

6. extender extension

7. the water pipe and the washer move vertically down to the first cleaning position.

7. the water pipe and the washer move vertically down to the first cleaning position.
8. the first cleaning position on the other side of the center of the extension tank.
8. the first cleaning position on the other side of the center of the extension tank.
At present, thousands of domestic companies have used Guangzhou KLY three-dimensional rotary tank washer to clean tank tank reactor and various containers. In tank cleaning, all kinds of tank body, you can always contact Cory Ying, warm Cory Ying people, experienced engineers will find the right solution for your tank cleaning system.
Professional cleaning tank machinery
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