IBC cleaning system tote cleaning equipment,tank washing machine

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3d rotary high pressure tank washing system for IBC tote cleaning system/barrels cleaning machine
Ton barrel cleaning, ton bucket cleaning equipment, high pressure, high impact, rotary cleaning, IBC cleaning nozzle for bucket

The series of tote cleaning machines are driven by external motors to drive the gear of high pressure cleaning nozzle. The gear set set the operation track to realize rotation and revolution, so as to achieve 360 degrees without dead angle cleaning.

Technical parameters of IBC tote high pressure rotary tank washing machine

Working pressure: 1-150bar
Recommended pressure: 1-100bar
Maximum working temperature: 95 C
Maximum ambient temperature: 140 C
Cleaning time: 3-5 minutes.
Nozzle diameter: 1-1.5mm
Cleaning angle: 360 degrees.
Lubrication: self lubrication through cleaning fluid.
Connection: flange or thread
Interface size: G3/8 external thread
Weight: 7.5-12kg
The working principle of tank oil barrel cleaning equipment: the series of high-pressure tank washers are driven by an external motor to drive the rotary gear of the tank washer. The gear set set the operation track to realize rotation and revolution, so as to achieve 360 degrees without dead angle cleaning. The waste water is automatically sucked out by suction head through the suction pipe and discharged through the drain nozzle.

Installation points of oil storage tote cleaning equipment:


Performance characteristics of IBC tote cleaning system:

1. mechanical action is great. Combining pressure and flow to produce a strong impact jet, with several times the impact of other products, can achieve a larger cleaning distance and scope. The high pressure pump booster the kinetic energy of the flushing water, which can effectively remove the residues on the wall. The positive impact force from vertical direction helps to penetrate dirt. Tangential force helps to remove residues from the walls of containers.
2. low leakage. With 3% leakage and 97% cleaning fluid used for cleaning, the three-dimensional rotary tank washer can maximize mechanical force and greatly reduce the dependence on time, chemical reaction and temperature. IBC 3D rotary cleaning nozzle saves water, time and energy, and only 20%-50% of other products.
3. model configuration standardization. All parts are processed precisely, the same type of machine parts interchangeable, easy to maintain, to ensure efficient cleaning.
4. true 3D cleaning. With precise and complete repetition of reliable tight spray trajectory, directional impact, 360 degree spherical coverage, 3-5 minutes of cleaning time reduces the tank shutdown period, reduces resource consumption, and correspondingly reduces the cost of sewage treatment; cleaning and cutting the bottom, reducing the use of chemicals can reduce environmental pollution.

It can provide a full set of IBC tote.
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Application of chemical tank cleaning
Cory Ying three-dimensional rotary high-pressure tank washer is suitable for cleaning ton drum, three-dimensional fixed tank cleaning, IBC ton drum cleaning. Such as fuel ethanol, beer, chemical tank cleaning, industrial fermentor cleaning and the need for high impact cleaning industries.
In the process of cleaning, the three-dimensional rotary high-pressure cleaning sprinkler not only meets the cleaning requirements of the owners, but also saves resources. This cleaning method not only protects the personal safety of the operator, but also causes no pollution to the environment. It is an ideal cleaning equipment for tonnage barrels and IBC tanks.
IBC ton barrel cleaning system, tote cleaning equipment IBC ton barrels high pressure rotary washer, oil tank cleaning machine

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