high pressure tank cleaning machines

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    High pressure Self-propelled Tank Cleaner 

    Model High pressure Self-propelled diesel storage tanks nozzle
    Material 316LSS or 304SS
    Connection thread connection
    Cleaning cycle
    2-4 minutes
    Working pressure
    120-450 bar
    Temperature 95°
    Storage tank cleaning diameter 6m 
    Application medium and large strage tanks,diesel tanks, tank trucks ....
    Water inlet interface


    storage tanks nozzles design features :

    • The optimized structure design makes the water jet with greater impact force.
    • With excellent sealing design, the leakage water is only about 0.5%, thus saving cleaning fluid.
    • The independent gearbox design is adopted to protect the inside of the gear from damage, and it can work in poor water quality.
    • The overall optimization design can achieve a minimum through diameter of 160mm.



    Common application:

    Keliying MP10 can washer is suitable for the 3D cleaning of medium and large strage tanks,diesel tanks, tank trucks and underground tanks, such as tank cleaning station, beer, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, industrial fermentation industry and occasions requiring high impact cleaning.


    diesel storage tanks nozzle application:

    High pressure Self-propelled Tank CleanerHigh pressure Self-propelled Tank Cleaner




    High pressure Self-propelled Tank Cleaner



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