3D rotary tank cleaning jet heads

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    MG8 self rotating 3D rotary tank cleaning jet head

    Model MG8 rotary 3D rotary tank washing nozzles
    Material 316L ss
    Max. tank diameter  9m
    Operating pressure 4-20Bar
    Tempreture range 95°
    Installation Vertically facing downward
    tank cleaning jet head Application

    Cleaning and rinsing of large tanks

    i.e. chemical industry,drink and food industry.  



    The MG8 serires rotary jet heads provides complete tank cleaning that is both thorough and cost-effective. It is fluid driven with external gears and was specifically designed to fit a 3″ (76.2 mm) opening, for cleaning of totes, IBCs and other limited access vessels.


    This model also incorporates a set of bevel gears which provide a complete 360-degree indexing pattern every 45 revolutions and has an effective cleaning diameter of 30 ft (9.2 m).

    It operates up to 300 psi (20.7 bar) and offers simplicity of design and ease of field maintenance.

    • Very high cleaning performance already at low pressure
    • Driven and lubricated by the cleaning fluid
    • Systematically cleans the entire tank interior(360°)
    • Robust, low-maintenance stainless steel construction

    The 3D rotary tank cleaning jet head  Application:


    MG8 rotating tank cleaning nozzles are suitable for medium to large tanks, such as Dairy , Food, Pharmaceutical, Beer, Chemical, industrial fermentation industries and many others.


    MG8 series large tank three-dimensional rotary jet picture:

    Performance data:

    rotary tank cleaning jet head parameter


    Dimensions of MG series rotary jet head:


    3D rotary tank cleaning jet head model size

    Cleaning process simulation:



    rotart 3D tank washing nozzles Application:

    1-13.jpgtank cleaning


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