Air motor drive high pressure tank cleaning machine

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    Air Motor Driven High Pressure Water Tank Cleaning Machine for IBC totes:

    Model automated tank cleaning machine for IBC totes
    Material 316LSS
    Connection thread or flange connection
    Cleaning cycle 2-4 minutes
    Working pressure 3-200 bar
    Temperature 95°
    Storage tank cleaning diameter 3m 
    Application rinsing and cleaning of tanks / containers/IBC tote ....
    Fliteration Line strainer with a mesh size of 0,3 mm/50 mesh



    explosion-proof pneumatic tank cleaning machine design feature:

    QMD series are driven by the motor with external gear and provides 360° impact indexed coverage for the cleaning of the inside of tanks and process vessels.

    • Using dynamic seal at leakage point to reduce leakage, only3% leakage, thus save cleaning fluid
    • The nozzle have a uniqure steady flow design which can make the jet to be more concentrated, greater impact
    • Driven by external motor, thereby reducing the pressure loss of water flow, resulting in hugher water impact
    • Compact build ideal for small openings


    Common application:

    Model QMD series is a highly versatile machine and is applicable in most all types of
    tanks for process, storage, and transportation. It can be used as a portable unit or permanently mounted.

    e.g: in food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry



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    explosion-proof air motor drive high pressure tank cleaning machine

    explosion-proof air motor drive tank cleaning machine performance Data:


    150bar High Pressure Motor Driven  Water jet Tank Cleaning Machine

    Exibition photos:

    360 degree stainless steel tank cleaner 316L rotary jet head for cleaning

    Fittings and Workshop:


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