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There are some potential safety hazards in the process of production, application, storage and transportation of oil tank chemicals. Nowadays, the production and application of chemicals are increasingly common. There are corrosive, toxic, burning, explosive, combustion-supporting properties, especially some risk chemicals, such as leakage, residual or overflow may be extremely risky. Can lead to tank corrosion damage, tank truck in a shipment of liquid chemicals, if not timely liquidation and disposal of chemical residues in the tank, will pollute the next storage of liquid products and the surrounding environment. Therefore, the cleaning of dangerous chemicals tankers is very important. Railway tank truck and tank truck are important tools for transporting liquid materials. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, edible oil and other transportation fields. The number of them increases year by year. The tank trucks and tank trucks should be cleaned before repairing, factory repairing and changing materials. If the average annual car wash is 1.5 times, the workload of cleaning is considerable.
At present, there are more than 300 washing tank platforms in China, and 60% of the annual washing capacity is over 1000. In addition to automatic cleaning, most of these stations are still using backward steam car washing technology. This method is to use low-pressure steam cooking, volatilizing the residue of the tank into the atmosphere, then washing and drying. The tank washing platform is an indispensable device to ensure the quality and safety of oil transportation, so doing a good job of washing the horizontal tank truck is an important link to ensure the smooth delivery of oil products.

3D oil tank cleaning system
一、Introduction of Keliying dangerous chemicals horizontal tanker cleaning system
The dangerous chemical tanker cleaning is a high-pressure water jet automatic cleaning system designed and developed by Keliying Company. Because it is fully automatic cleaning, it eliminates the unsafeness of manual cleaning, and has high cleaning efficiency, low cleaning cost and cleaning. Good quality and other characteristics. Degaojie high-pressure water jet automatic railway tanker and tank cleaning system is mainly composed of three-dimensional washing tank, high-pressure washing machine, feeding mechanism, traction device and control operating system.

Telescopic tank cleaning system video

二、Tank car cleaning system workflow:

1. The base of the three-dimensional rotating tank washer (fixed disc) is seated on the manhole of the tanker. The fixed disc is equipped with a rotating disc. The rotating disc is driven by the motor reducer to make the washing machine rotate 180°; the rotating disc has a bracket There are two shafts on the bracket, one upper loading pulley, and the other shaft is equipped with a guiding frame. The curved wheel moves back and forth in the guiding frame by the action of the feeding motor, the chain and the sprocket, and the upper and lower ends of the guiding frame have a proximity switch; The curved wheel is equipped with a high-pressure hose, and the lower end is equipped with a three-dimensional washing device. When the motor is moving, the arc tube is driven by the speed reducer, and the cam on the curved tube drives the shaft on the guiding bracket to swing, so that the cleaning head performs a uniform linear motion to achieve the effect of cleaning point by point. The horizontal moving distance is 4m, and the horizontal average moving speed is 0.95m/min (the tank length is set to 10m).
2. The three-dimensional tank washer feeding mechanism is to realize the precise alignment of the high-pressure washing machine and the tank mouth. It consists of the positioning mechanism, the inner frame and the outer frame, and is equipped with a gas station with a motor power of 4Kw. The three-dimensional tank washer feeding mechanism is arranged outside the tank rail safety line and parallel with the railway line; the outer bracket is equipped with a hydraulic winch, the hydraulic winch drives the positioning mechanism to rise and fall through the steel wire, and the front end of the positioning mechanism has a slider and a high voltage. The washer connection slider can be moved back and forth, and its direction of motion is always perpendicular to the tank axis. The lifting height is 2.35m and the lifting speed is up to 2 m/min.

三、Advantages of water jet cleaning technology for cleaning system of dangerous chemicals tanker:

The water jet cleaning uses a pressure pump to pressurize the water to 0.50 to 35 MPa, and clean the inner wall of the tank through the tank washer nozzle of the tank cleaning machine.
The canister nozzle rotates horizontally, while the center body rotates vertically, and the three-dimensional space 360° quickly and efficiently flushes the interior of the entire container. The deposits on the inner wall of the tank are discharged together with the synchronous sewage pipe, and then passed through the hot air to dry and cool down. After the operator goes to the tank to complete the inspection, the purpose of cleaning the inner wall of the tank is achieved.
The water jet cleaning method has the characteristics of small pollution to the environment and little harm to the health of the workers. At present, many of the washing tank stations under construction or to be built generally use high-pressure water jet cleaning or low-pressure water jet cleaning.
1. Keliying dangerous chemical tanker cleaning system has high degree of automation and stable operation;
2. The tank cleaning system of the hazardous chemicals tanker adopts the stepping motor to drive the cleaning robot to rotate and position in the oil tank, which has the characteristics of stable operation and high positioning accuracy;
3. The tank cleaning system uses the high-pressure water jet technology to clean the inner wall of the tank one by one. The cleaning of each position in the tank can be controlled, and the rotation of each corner can be repeated and cleaned 360 degrees separately;
4. At the same time, the personnel do not need to touch the inside of the tanker during the cleaning process, which saves manpower and increases the safety and effectiveness of the system operation;
5. The three-dimensional tank washer feed mechanism and the high pressure washer are interlocked with each other. It ensures that the three-dimensional tank washer feeding mechanism and the high-pressure cleaner move independently to complete the action, and then the next action can be taken to prevent various injuries and equipment collisions;
6. Interlocking between the high pressure water pump and the three-dimensional tank washer feeding mechanism and the traction device. The high-pressure water pump is prevented from being dangerous to personnel safety because the tank washer does not completely enter the tank opening and closes the tank opening.
I believe that everyone understands the tanker cleaning system and further deepens it. This is an article provided by Guangzhou Keliying for everyone: horizontal tanker cleaning system equipment, hope to help visitors, more about tank cleaning, please pay more attention to us.

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