FW series rotary spray nozzle for COP SIP

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Yuedong Machinery uses our products for aseptic filling equipment
Aseptic filling equipment refers to equipment that packs sterilized items in an aseptic environment. With the development of the market economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, dairy products have increasingly become one of the indispensable foods in people's daily life.The dairy products on the market are even more innovative. In the production process, the aseptic tank is a very important piece of equipment. The aseptic tank is equipped with a temperature sensor. In the prior art, the temperature sensor is generally installed in the form of a threaded connection. At the bottom of the aseptic tank, it is in direct contact with the product, and the temperature of the aseptic tank sterilization cooling and the temperature of the tank after the product enters in real time is monitored. During the CIP cleaning process of the aseptic tank, since the aseptic tank and the temperature sensor are connected by thread, It is extremely difficult to clean effectively, there are dead corners of hygiene, and it is easy to breed microorganisms, which leads to product quality problems and affects production capacity.
The Keliying's tank cleaning nozzle is a good solution to the problem of dead corners in aseptic tank cleaning, which is easy to breed microorganisms.

Main products: tank cleaning machines & nozzles, tank cleaning machine, barrel washer, drum cleaning equipment, ibc tote cleaning equipment.

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