On-site debug and installation automatic reactor cleaning system

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Our automatic cleaning system for reactor is operated by one person with high degree of automation. It can clean both sides of the stirring shaft at fixed point and fixed time. It greatly improves the cleaning efficiency, saves costs and improves economic benefits.
Guangzhou Keli Ying Spraying Equipment Co., Ltd. has advanced tank cleaning technology, strong product support, more than ten years of rich experience and dedicated to providing customers with professional tank cleaning solutions, to meet the needs of the domestic market to innovate and improve, developed from 0.1 cubic to 1000 cubic tank cleaning products, for you to choose the appropriate tank cleaning. Washer configuration and reasonable operating conditions, strive to achieve not only clean and thorough, but also save you time, water, chemical solvent use, while greatly reducing the discharge of sewage.

Design features of KLY company servo-driven fermentation tank reactor cleaning equipment: This system is compact and flexible, easy to operate, one person can achieve multi-machine operation, without entering the tank, can achieve 360 degree non-dead angle cleaning in the tank, automatic cleaning, basically no water splashed outside the tank, also without any changes to the tank body.
It is equipped with a special three-dimensional rotary nozzle. The three-dimensional nozzle rotates 360 degrees and has high pressure water jets of different intensity. The automatic fermenter cleaning system makes full use of high-pressure water jet cleaning technology to thoroughly cut, crush, extrude and scour the scales, attachments and blockages in the cleaning equipment to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning.
Removal of Latex Residue in Fermentation Tank of Reactor
Servo-driven chemical tank cleaning equipment scope of application: Keli Ying tank automatic cleaning system is mainly used for cubic tank full cleaning, including medium-sized, reactor cleaning, large fermentation tank, mixing tank and other three-dimensional tank automatic cleaning.
Our company specializes in the development of automatic cleaning system for chemical tank reactor, fermentation tank and other difficult-to-clean tanks, which has high automation, no dead angle, low water consumption, short cleaning cycle and obvious economic and social benefits.
We need to know more about reactor cleaning, fermenter cleaning, tank cleaning and so on. Welcome to consult us.

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