Automatic tank cleaning systems,fermentation tank cleaning equipment

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    Automatic tank cleaning systems,fermentation tank cleaning equipment

    automatic tank cleaning system common application:

    Fermentation Tank Cleaning equipment is mainly used for thorough cleaning of cubic tank, such as medium-sized, large-sized fermentation tanks, mixing tank ,reactor, etc


    Working Principle

    The equipment system adopts the mobile trolley as the carrier, the control system and the power system are integrated, and point with cleaning port position , enter the automatic cleaning program, the servo drive wheel and the lifting system, the telescopic system and the tilting arm system are synchronized.

    The washing machine drives the hose to automatically expand and contract, and the positioning can be stopped and cleaned at any position in the tank. The cleaning time can also be arbitrarily on the touch screen. After setting, after completely cleaning, each system will automatically return to the original position in order to move and clean the next tank.


    automatic tank cleaning system design features:

    ● Small and flexible, easy to operate , one person can realize multi-machines operation

    ● no need to enter the tank, automatic cleaning

    ● no water splashing outside the tank

    ● no need to make any changes to the tank

    ● Low consumption of cleaning fluid, short cleaning cycle time


    Technical information:

    1. This system can be used for tanks to diameter 2-15m

    2. Rated flow rate 10-12m3/hr, rated head 100 meters (pressure 10-15 bar)

    3. The cleaning cycle is short and can be set freely according to the cleaning conditions (5-20 minutes)

    4. The height position of the washer can be set freely

    5. It can realize the cleaning of different points on both sides of the stirring shaft to avoid cleaning dead angles. It does not need to add extra parts such as rails inside the reactor, saving cost and avoiding additional cleaning dead spots.

    6. High-impact three-dimensional rotating tank washer, with large impact force and long range, driven by water pressure, realizes rotation and revolution 360° , thorough clean

    7. The tank washer adopts advanced planetary gear reducer, which is balanced in power, no shaking and swinging during the cleaning process, avoiding impact on internal equipment and damage to the tank washer.


    Schematic diagram of tank cleaning process flow

    1.Preparation for continuation



    2. Rotation 90° Counterpoint


    2. rotation 90 degree counterpoint cleaning tank

    3. Start entering the tank

    3. three dimensional rotary sprinkler head enters the tank.

    4. Press to fit into the Inlet


    4. pressure inlet

    5. Telescopic lifting

    6. Telescopic Extension


    7.The water pipe and the washer are vertically moved down to the first cleaning position


    7. the water pipe and the washer move vertically down to the first cleaning position.

    8.The first cleaning position on the other side of the axis symmetry

    8. the first cleaning position on the other side of the center of the extension tank.


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