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    IBC cleaning machine

    Item: High Pressure Cleaner
    Method: Cold Water High Pressure Cleaning
    Flow Rate: 23-40 L/MIN
    Pressure: 80-250 Bar 
    Power: 380v/50hz/ 3 Phase 
    Electrical : Safety Electrical Control Box, Water Proof
    Rotation Speed: 1450 r.p.m
    High Pressure Hose: 10 Meter
    High Pressure Gun: Industrial High Pressure Trigger Gun 
    Cart Wheels: Solid Wheels
    Frame: Hand-Push Cart
    Application: Car Washing , Construction Site, Woodworking, Shipyard, Oil Field
    Warranty: 1 Year

    This High Pressure Cleaner is electric powered, with a flow rate of 20-40L/min and pressure of 80-250bar ( 2.9-4 gpm, 1160-3625 psi).
    It has acommon design, metal housing  and safety electrical box, but also a very dependable performance compared to other electric pressure washers available on the market.
    Design feature:
    Hand-Push Cart, Powder-Coated
    Electric Motor, Slow Speed, Copper Wire, 1450 r.p.m
    Industrial High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump
    Safety Electrical Control Box
    Pressure Regulator
    Angle Nozzles
    High Pressure Gun
    High Pressure hose
    Suction Hose With Filter
    Common application:
    This High Pressure Cleaner cleans with cold water and is designed for use in residential/ commercial setting such as
    cleaning of backyard, car wash, street , etc.
    1. Cleaning of IBC totes
    2. Cleaning of reactor
    3. Household General Cleaning
    4. Car Washing Station
    5. Municipal Projects Cleaning
    6.Woodworking, Stone Factory, Petroleum, Chemical, Power Station, Paper-making Industry
    7. Dust Suspension in Mining
    8. High Pressure Sewer Jetting
    Advantage & Benefits
    1. Stable & Durable Performance
    This High Pressure Cleaner is equipped with industrial grade high pressure plunger pump, slow speed, copper wire electric motor and other quality components & materials. On the occasion of same price, this High Pressure Cleaner has a remarkable quality compared to other pressure washers available on the market.
    2. Cost-Effective
    Though we supply the good quality pressure washers to the market, we implement the narrow-profit pricing policy,  it makes our whole products more competitive, attractive, accordingly, you will make more benefits.
    3. Responsible Service
    The consumers satisfaction is our basic principle, we care more of it, whatever & whenever our clients need, our team will response at the quickest time. We serve the professional solutions and parts service.

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