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    IBC Reconditioning System, IBC tote washer
    Model number: IBC tote washer tunnel

    For the cleaning of IBC tote, manual cleaning is still the main method. The internal cleaning of IBC container has always been a difficulty and pain point in the industry, especially the area on the upper side of the barrel lid. Due to the limitation of the barrel mouth, manual cleaning cannot be completely cleaned. , Time-consuming and labor-intensive, there are also problems such as low cleaning efficiency, high safety hazards, high labor intensity, and large loss of cleaning personnel, which cannot meet the rapid development of enterprises. The most important thing is that the country's stricter environmental protection requirements. It is imperative to adopt automatic cleaning equipment to improve cleaning efficiency, reduce costs, increase productivity, and protect the environment.
    System overview
    The automatic IBC Tank cleaning line uses automation technology to realize manual forklift loading and unloading of barrels and adopts the process of assembly line to realize the function of automatic cleaning.
    The equipment has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high cleaning efficiency, no dead spots in cleaning, safety and reliability, good working environment, low labor intensity, and saving manpower and material resources. It is the inevitable development trend of modern companies.
    It is designed to remove a variety of product residues from IBC totes, with the capability to remove thick or dried-on residues. Unlike similar systems, the recirculation wash allows easy removal of oily residues using caustic chemicals. This system is designed to clean 820L,1000L,1200L IBC totes with 200mm cover.
    IBC tote washer has a variety of uses; it can be used to clean totes prior to shipment, to remove hazardous waste materials, and/or to prepare totes for sale.
    Cleaning process
    Upper bucket, exterior wash, interior wash (chemical cleaning),interior wash, draining, pressure testing, finish cleaning, lower bucket . Other process can be customized, such as drying,etc.

    For all kind of residue
    Any and all including: 
    Paints, adhesives, chemicals 
    Petroleum products 
    Food and beverages products and ingredients
    Pharmaceutical products and ingredients 
    Personal care products and ingredients products
    And many more.

    Fast,Clean any tote in 2-4 minutes
    Clean the entire tote, including the top and corners
    Powerful, Clean a variety of residues
    Clean in less time
    Use less water
    Low cost to maintain
    Quicker job turnaround
    Reduce plant downtime
    Decrease effluent and disposal costs
    Minimize confined space entry
    Reduce worker exposure to hazardous conditions

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