360 degree water tank cleaner machine

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    High efficient gear drive tank cleaning nozzle
    Model NO.: KZH30 360 degree water tank cleaner machine


    Working Principle:

    Impeller is driven by pressure generated by the cleaning liquid and drives gearbox deceleration mechanism to rotate.
    Through the scientific nozzle design on the rotating ball head, the fan-shaped liquid surface is sprayed onto the surface of the tank to achieve the purpose of cleaning.


    Features & Benefits:


     ● Self-cleaning and self-lubricating design, meeting sanitary requirements

     ● The speed is constant to obtain greater impact when increasing pressure
     ● Fan-shaped jet, wide coverage, high impact, low consumption of liquid
     ● Built-in independent gearbox, stable speed and stable performance


    The liquid flow powers the head by an internal gear. Either a gear reduction or a hydraulic brake is used to control the rotation. Hence the produced droplets are bigger and hit the tank wall with higher velocity. This rotary spray head keeps the speed of the head within its optimal range across a wider span of pressures, and the nozzles develops more powerful spray.

    ● Controlled rotation

    ● Pressure range up to 20 bar

    ● Driven and lubricated by the cleaning fluid

    ● Reliable slide bearing

    ● Low-wear design

    High impact flat jet, 360 degree spray, thoroughly clean

    Internal gear reduction make it work more stable



    Technical Data:






    360 Degree Rotary Spray Ball Cleaning Tank Nozzle,Stainless Steel Rotating Nozzle Ball,Internal Thread Rotary Cleaning Ball

    360 degree tank cleaner machine cleaning Effection ( Before & After ):                                                                                                                                                                                                            

    KC5 high impact rotating tank cleaning nozzle


    KZH series rotary tank washer is suitable for small to medium sized tanks,  such as dairy, food, pharmaceutical, beer, chemical, industrial fermentation industries  and occasions requiring high-  impact cleaning. 

    Tank cleaner machines applications

    Efficient cleaning and rinsing of tanks or containers, for example

    Chemical industry

    Food industry

    Beverage industry

    Pharmaceutical industry



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