Ultrahigh pressure tank cleaning machine

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    The water jet ultra-high pressure cleaning rotary tank cleaning machine is the advanced high pressure cleaning nozzle in China, which is used in the occasion of 500-1500bar high pressure cleaning. The rotation speed of tension control can be adjusted to realize the comprehensive cleaning of the inner wall of 360 ° large storage tank.

    Technical data of 3D ultra-high pressure cleaning nozzle
    Manufacturing materials: 316L、304 Lubrication: Self lubrication by cleaning fluid
    Working pressure: 200~1000 bar   Recommended pressure:  300~1000 bar 
    Maximum operating temperature:   95°C Maximum ambient temperature: 140℃
    Cleaning angle: 360° full coverage Cleaning diameter:  2-6m
    Connections: Thread Water inlet: 1” BSSP External thread
    Interface size:  1”BSPPExternal thread Cleaning Cycle: 2~10minutes
    Customizable: Explosion proof, high temperature, oil resistant Weight: 15-18kg

    Application of three-dimensional ultra-high pressure cleaning rotary nozzle: keliying MP-1000 ultra-high pressure three-dimensional rotary cleaner is suitable for reactor, crude oil tank, chemical industry, cabin, chemical raw material, coating industry and occasions requiring ultra-high pressure cleaning.
    Working principle of ultra-high pressure rotating high pressure cleaning nozzle:
    MP-1000 standard double nozzle ultra-high pressure three-dimensional cleaning nozzle drives the transmission mechanism to rotate by the reaction principle, regulates the rotation speed by the tension controller, and realizes the revolution and rotation according to the set trajectory, so as to achieve 360 ° full coverage cleaning without dead angle.
    The optimized structure design of performance characteristics makes the water jet with greater impact force. With excellent sealing design, the leakage water is only 3%, thus saving cleaning fluid. The independent axle box design is adopted, so as to protect the internal gear from damage, and it can work in poor water quality.

    DG30 SS316L 360 degree stainless steel tank cleaner rotary jet head
    Keliying intelligent equipment technology (Guangzhou) company manufacturer processing, manufacturing capacity, enterprise scale, supply support capacity. A tank cleaning product from 0.1 cubic meter to 1000 cubic meters has been developed.


    Guangzhou keliying has 30 CNC lathe processing equipment and processing center, as well as milling machine, drilling machine and other supporting equipment specializing in the production of tank cleaning nozzle. Our company has hundreds of customers from fixed cooperative equipment manufacturers, providing products with high quality and quantity throughout the year.

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