Semi-automatic IBC tank cleaning system, ibc tote cleaning station

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    Semi-automatic tank cleaning system for IBC totes

    Keliying IBC tote washer can be customized according to requirement, from manually operated to fully automatic systems. Besides cleaning IBCs, the systems can also be used to clean stainless steel liquid carriers or product containers used in the industrial and logistical sectors. There are a variety of approaches in terms of cleaning solutions (recirculation systems) and settings (temperature, pressure, detergents and cleaning time). The optimal technical configuration is determined in consultation with Keliying. The systems can be built separately or as a complete cleaning booth. 

    The main functions are:
    Interior cleaning of IBC totes
    The interior of a container is cleaned using a rotating cleaning head. The cleaning head is inserted into the IBC or stainless steel container manually or automatically. There are many different types of cleaning heads available:
    spray angle (180°-360°)
    drive (electric, pneumatic, water-driven)
    operating pressure (from 5 to 500 bar)
    water consumption (15-200 litres per minute)
    deployment area/industry type (food, pharma, chemicals, etc.)

    Exterior cleaning
    IBCs or stainless steel containers can be cleaned on the outside both manually and automatically, using different operating pressures (5 to 500 bar)

    automatic IBC tote washer equipment design feature:
    1. Compact structure and high degree of automation, which can replace manual cleaning operations;
    2. Saving manpower and material resources, greatly improving production efficiency and greatly reducing labor intensity;
    3. High efficient cleaning of IBC totes, average of 2-4 minutes of cleaning cycle time;
    4. The investment is quick and effective, solves the problem of recruiting cleaning workers, and greatly improves the working environment;
    5. Pressure range from 5-500 bar to solve the cleaning problems of various working conditions;
    6. This IBC cleaning system adopts precise 360° 3D IBC tote roaty jet cleaning head, which has high impact force and low liquid consumption. 360 coverage, 100% thorough clean

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    Cleaning effect of IBC cleaning system:

    Fittings and Workshop

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    Keliying has more than 30 CNC processing equipment and processing centers, as well as milling machines, drilling machines and other supporting equipment. Our company has dozens of fixed cooperative equipment manufacturers and thousands of customers, providing products with high quality and quantity throughout the year.



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