MP200 high pressure tank cleaning heads, Self-propelled Tank Cleaner

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    The "3D Nozzle" is a self-rotating nozzle unit used for cleaning polymerization tanks, reactors, spray dryers, and various other tanks.


     The cleaning nozzle rotates and revolves due to the reactive force of the high-pressure water spray, thoroughly cleaning the inside of tanks.
     360 Fluid-driven Tank Cleaner 
    High pressure Cleaner Head 

    Model: MP200




    Working Principle:

       The washer drives the impeller through cleaning liquid, and impeller drives the internal deceleration mechanism.

       Transmission mechanism runs according to the set trajectory to form a 360-degree spray pattern to achieve a complete tank cover.


    Features & Benefits:

     ● Optimized structural design makes the water jet with greater impact.

     ● Excellent sealing design,1% of leakage water, so as to save more cleaning fluid.

     ● Powerful high-pressure water jet can efficiently clean stubborn dirt.

     ● There is no need for people to enter the restricted space, which greatly reduces l
    abor intensity, improves the working environment, and avoids safety hazards. 


    Technical Data:








    Cleaning Effection ( Before & After ):





    KLY MP200 high-pressure three-dimensional rotary cleaner is suitable for cleaning of polysilicon bell jars, reaction kettles, mixers, IBC barrels, tank trucks, mixers, fermentation tanks, feeding boxes, and occasions that require high-pressure cleaning, such as chemical, marine, coating industry and pharmaceuticals, etc.



    High pressure Self-propelled Tank Cleaner






     Maximize productivity with the proven and effective 
    for Industrial Applications

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